Control your micro:bot wirelessly using MakeCode's radio blocks.

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An overview of America's most eclectic robotics competition

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Pretty quiet around here at 7 a.m. Maybe I can whip up a quick python-fueled, Pi-based bot? Oh, yeah - hot glue features prominently in this build.

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Let's take a look at some of the amazing costumes and props from Dragon Con!

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Today we have a new flight controller, an Arduino Engineering Kit, a repair kit for your Shapeoko and three new wire strippers. Happy Friday, everyone!

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Next Fall's AVC is starting to take shape. We've seen the future, and the future is... GOATS!

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Using a ESP32 Thing and a WiFi camera to create a robot that you control from your browser.

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A classic control systems challenge is building an inverted pendulum robot. Today we'll discuss the theory behind the project.

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Let's take the SparkFun Inventor's Kit to the next level with some more projects!

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Autonomous robots designed to navigate extra-terrestrial terrain

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With all the information needed to construct a combat bot, let's actually build one!

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We bring back Jamie to give us some design tips when creating a 3D-printed plastic ant bot.

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Bow down, everyone. A new uArm, CMUcam and GPS receiver will all but ensure our downfall.

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In a week filled with new robotics products, we wanted to dedicate this post to the best actor of the 31st century!

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We get a combat bot veteran to talk about the different weapon types for fighting robots.

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It's Monday, and that means it's time for Adventures in Science! This week, we dive into the mysterious world of rotary encoders.

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Let's take a look at how LIDAR works and how we can use it in robots.

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Easy builds from around the web that even a robot novice can tackle

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Nice write up Eric. Thanks! The creation of an extra reference layer will come in handy! Here are couple of my favorite commands: use -*;…

One of the things I have in my startup script is several menu buttons for the Board layout screen. These buttons select what layers to…

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