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Simon Says does MAGIC! http://sfe.io/n1206


  • Im ready to start.

  • You know… idea hits - Sparkfun already has a 4 button w/led display and buzzer. :) I bet it would be no problem at all to hack the game buzzer code in to the Simon-Says, like when I made it do Magic. See https://www.sparkfun.com/news/1206


  • Indiana Jones has left the building…

  • Ah yes, the good old days. :) I have an ASR-33 in my basement. It is one of the ones with the built in 110Baud modem in a 1 foot square 6" wide aluminum box in back of the pedestal. I go back to 100 and 300 baud acoustic coupled modems as well. (Not to mention Baudot.) I remember the jumps to 1200 (Bell 212A), 9600, 14.4K, 33.6 and the biggy: 56K…. Thought we were on the top of the wold if you could connect at 56K! But then MaBell would throw us curves. All goes back to the implementation of their digital carrier system, and the still-in-use-to-this-day T1. A T1 channel is properly a 64kbps digital channel into which the analog voice/signal was digitized. This was just enough to support the 56K audio bandwidth on a good day. However a bunch of folks wound up never connecting at more then 33.6 no matter what they did. This was due to either bit-robbed T1 carrier in their audio path, which was only a 58Kbps channel - or what MaBell used to install if they were short of copper pairs to a location: A analog/digital carrier, so they could get 2 POTS lines from one copper pair. It also ran with 58Kbps audio channels. So either set up precluded getting anything faster then 33.6. It became some folks hole grail quest to get this phone lines rebuilt to support 56K. Ah the good old days!

  • Tube light? ARGH! :)

    There was once a world without LEDs :) The Venerable NE2 still lives! :)


  • Now prepare for the Conventional Versus Electron Flow arguments, and don’t forget to put the Sealed Lead Acid battery back in the Emergency Lights. ;)

  • Documents:

    User Manuel :)

    Interesting device. I will have to look in to this.

  • But its still ticking…

  • 555 4ever!

  • OK, so the idea in the back of my head would be to get a plastic hamster ball, Into which we stuff the edison controller. The key component here would be the PWM block, because with it we could control little weighted servos and flash some LEDS and beepers… Do you see where we are going with this? Do it yourself BB8 droid. :) Yes, would need batteries, and more then likely a motion detector block, and a little other IO, but without the PWM block there would be no motion and little high current switching for the blinky/buzzy. Down the road we add on a few more block to improve the ball-droid interaction with the world. :)

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