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Come strut your blinky stuff on the currently-being-assembled catwalk.

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  • A customer reported an issue requiring reflashing of the firmware. Here's a tutorial on reflashing - https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/installing-an-arduino-bootloader - and the firmware is linked in Documents above. Check with our Tech Support if you have any questions.

  • Only new orders will be affected. Rules on shipping costs are applied when an order is placed, not when it ships.

  • I am sorry for the trouble you've had in receiving your package. As mentioned in your contact with us, we don't have any control over the package once it leaves our facility. I am glad you were able to speak a USPS employee and hopefully get any confusion they have about your address cleared up.

    The Economy option is generally quite reliable - many packages are delivered successfully every day. When there is some complication with the delivery though, it does take longer to resolve than a package with more robust tracking and delivery confirmation. That's the trade-off both we and the customer make for the incredibly low cost.

    You're not out of luck. We're not just running off with your money. Your package is on its way back to us. When it gets here, a Customer Service person will be in contact with you to discuss refund/reshipment options.

  • Ms. Kitty Meow came for a morning visit once, but was evacuated before any dogs arrived.

  • Economy shouldn't be that much - I'm getting less than $5 to the East Coast for an order under 1 pound. I can take a closer look at your situation - drop an email with your customer number and cart contents to cservice@sparkfun.com, attn. Paul.

    Edit: And we charge a $2 handling fee per order that Jameco may not.

  • The only countries that are 100% blocked are Cuba, North Korea, and Iran. If you're really interested, here's a list of countries and the various reasons goods are controlled for each:

  • Customer Service will contact you

  • The full quiz will be made available soon.

  • Nope. You can only use one promotional code per order.

  • yup