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Product Subtotal Qty
RFduino - Simblee DIP
In stock DEV-13768
29.95 1   
Raspberry Pi 3
In stock DEV-13825
39.95 1   
Jumper Wire Kit
In stock PRT-00124
6.95 1   
Solder - 1/4lb Spool (0.020") Special Blend
In stock TOL-10242
29.95 1   
Particle Photon (Headers)
In stock WRL-13774
19 1   
SparkFun Wake on Shake
Only 8 left! SEN-11447
24.95 1   
Coin Acceptor - Programmable (6 coin types)
In stock COM-11636
44.95 1   
SparkFun 9 Degrees of Freedom - Sensor Stick
Out of stock SEN-10724
49.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Dual Screw Plate (pair)
Out of stock ROB-12462
1.49 1   
Tube Clamp Hub - 5/8" Bore
Out of stock ROB-12499
17.97 3   
ServoBlock Kit - Hitec Standard (Hub Shaft)
In stock ROB-12347
80.97 3   
Bearing Mount - Quad Block (5/8" Bore)
Only 9 left! ROB-12468
7.99 1   
Super Capacitor - 10F/2.5V
In stock COM-00746
9.9 2   
SparkFun Audio-Sound Breakout - WTV020SD
In stock WIG-11125
19.95 1   
Coin Acceptor - Programmable (3 coin types)
In stock COM-11719
39.9 2   
SparkFun "Uh-oh" Battery Level Indicator Kit
Retired KIT-11087
5.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
SparkFun Analog/Digital MUX Breakout - CD74HC4067
In stock BOB-09056
4.95 1   
Total: 434.72

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