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Description: This set of sewing needles is a must-have when stitching together your next e-textile project. Each envelope contains three 48mm, 1.23mm thick needles and two smaller 39mm, 0.67mm thick needles. The eye of each size needle is large enough to easily thread with our conductive thread.

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Customer Comments

  • Hi, What is the conventional size of these needles, please? Eg size 22? Thank you!

  • Will these needles fit through the sewable coin cell battery holders used with aniomagic products?

  • How well would these go through Lilypad contacts?

    • Pretty easily. Lilypad holes are at minimum 2.5mm diameter, more than twice the thickness of the thicker needle in this kit. I’d use the smaller one unless you’re working with stiff fabric, though.

  • Will solder stick to these needles?
    I’m thinking super fine probe tips, for example for a logic probe.

    • I haven’t tried, but if you applied some flux and got it hot enough, you should be able to solder wire to it.
      You might have to rough up the metal a bit, but it should be entirely possible.

    • You might also ask if they are coated with a thin layer of paint like some I’ve seen.

      • If they are coated with a lacquer (which I doubt), that can be taken off with a lighter. I’ve used that method to take the lacquer off of lacquer coated wire.

    • If not, you could try to square up the shaft a little with sand paper and wire-wrap them.

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