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Description: This right-angle tactile switch has a great ‘click’ to it. Also, because it’s a through-hole design it’s very sturdy. Mount it on the edge of your board for easy access. These are rated for 12VDC at 50mA.


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Customer Comments

  • when are you going to start selling left angle buttons?

  • Links to the Eagle footprints don’t work. Anyone got a working footprint?

  • i’m looking for a regular ‘on/off’ button. Is this what this is?

    • That depends on what you mean by on/off button :)
      This is a momentary button.. so you push it to make contact, and when you let go, it breaks contact. Almost all buttons at this size tend to be.
      If you wanted one that you push to turn something on, then it remains on when you let go, and push it again to turn something off, you end up with something like Stomp Switch - DPDT, or another type of switch entirely.
      Note that if you’re using a microcontroller / arduino / whathaveyou, you can pretty easily turn a momentary button into a non-momentary one in the code you’d write; as long as it wouldn’t be used as a power switch to the microcontroller itself ( that would require further shenanigans :) )

  • Looks like you could even mount it on the edge of a PCB, with a little elbow grease; For prototypes that saves drilling some holes by hand.

  • Can we get a EAGLE footprint for this?

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