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Description: Do you need that extra push over the cliff? The Small sized GTE (Goes To Eleven) Knob can fit onto potentiometers with a 6mm wide shaft thanks to a brass insert with a set screw.

We know that most of you are playing at ten, but with the GTE Knob you can go… one louder.

Note: It goes to eleven.

Dimensions: 23.6 x 14.2mm


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Customer Comments

  • Maybe I am missing something but I see a fundamental design flaw. Don’t most pots have a 270 deg range which makes this knob only good for 1 - 9.5?

  • For the uninitiated:

    I am disappointed that these knobs start at 1. They should start at 0. (See video). I was about to buy 10 (or 11).

  • this is the farthest I’ve seen sparkfun go with a joke. on more serious matters, if i buy 2 of them, will i have to adjust the value to 121 or 22 loudness?

  • Wow! I haven’t seen these since the movie Spinaltap. If you aren’t old enough to have rented this on Betamax in the 80’s …. You need to see this movie to get a full appreciation for “going to 11”.

    Awesome find!!

  • Never thought I’d openly say this, but I’ve got knob envy. :-P

  • So it doesn’t actually change the values of the pot but just gives more devision numbers but doesn’t change the rotation of the pot?

  • Will this work with the rotary encoder? Data sheet seems to imply a standard 6mm, but could y'all try it and advise?

    I want to go to 11 over and over again…

    • BE CAREFUL! You’ll have to do some tricky things with code because that’s a 12-step encoder and this goes to 11. So, you’d have to program it to be a 13-step encoder, to account for the extra awesomeness.

      • Thanks for the heads up, I’ll make sure to unplug my heaterizer while I do it, just to be safe.

        So that’s a yes on mechanical compatibility though?

        • it WILL work, but I personally wouldn’t use it. those notched shafts are a pain. you really need a specific knob for them. I’d go with one of our other rotary encoders that just have the plastic knurled shaft instead.

  • If I put two of these in series then it could go all the way to 121.

  • Starting at 1 makes them Lua programming compatible…

  • Have I missed something. It might have numbers to 11, but it only has 10 divisions. It starts at 1 not 0? So in its minimal position it’s already at 1, with 10 steps, one tenth each ? Shouldn’t it be marked 0-11 ? So it can go from off to ten then 1 more to 11 !?

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GTE Knob - Small

Lost an original knob on my Fender Princeton 650, and purchased a few of these to replace the volume knobs, so my practice amp can go to 11. The brass fitting and set screw makes it somewhat adjustable on the D shaped shaft. There is not a 0 mark, but that’s ok just because mine never goes to 0… Great little knob, and lets me continue the Spinal Tap saga. #SpinalTapFan #GTEknobfan. Well done Spark Fun.