Breadboard - Mini Modular (Green)

This green Mini Breadboard is a great way to prototype your small projects! With 170 tie points there's just enough room to build and test simple circuits; They're also great for breaking out DIP package ICs to jumper wires! If you run out of room, no worries, these mini breadboards can be snapped together to form larger stretches of board. It has a peel and stick adhesive backing as well as two mounting holes for M2 screws so you can anchor it down.

Note: These will not connect securely with our older model and are not numbered or lettered.

  • 47 x 35 x 10mm

Breadboard - Mini Modular (Green) Product Help and Resources

How to Use a Breadboard

May 14, 2013

Welcome to the wonderful world of breadboards. Here we will learn what a breadboard is and how to use one to build your very first circuit.


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Completely worth it!

Great for small projects where you have limited space. Also nice when you are making a small project with only a few components. I think it was worth every penny and I would definitely recommend this product.

Very handy!

But the description should clarify the connections. I.e. there are no power strips running lengthwise like a typical breadboard, and the only connections seem to be connecting the 5 pins in from the long edges. Makes sense, but you'd hate to assume wrong....