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Description: This is a simple coin cell battery holder that can enclose two CR2032 batteries inside itself, and safely kept closed via two phillips head screws. Each battery holder will run batteries in series, output up to 6V, and is equipped with an On/Off slide switch and two 6" power wires (one positive and one negative) on the back.

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Great item for the price

No more need to tape batteries together and no need to try to find a small switch. This battery holder takes care of that for you. I’ve used them as is when I want 6v and rewired them in parallel when I want 3v and more mah. I’ve even removed the little switch for another purpose. (It’s way to hard to find a small latching on/off switch let alone one at this price.)

The little screws are hard to handle with fumble thumbs so be careful not to drop them. The pieces don’t snap together precisely and the switch doesn’t quite slide smoothly but to me they are an excellent value.