Adjustable Storage Case

This sturdy carrying case is great for carrying anything from tiny components to medium-sized tools. With its adjustable dividers, it could be used to organize the parts on your workbench or you can take it on the road with you for portable assembly and repair. Slaps plastic lid--this bad boy can fit so many portable soldering irons!

The case is about 320mm x 270mm x 80mm overall and double-sided with two locking lids.

Note: This case is not ESD safe so make sure care is taken if storing sensitive electronic components.

  • Compartment sizes (with all dividers inserted):
    • 60x65x35mm (18 compartments)
    • 65x65x35mm (12 compartments)
    • 90x45x35mm (4 compartments)


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  • Member #1606405 / about 4 years ago / 1

    Are all of the dividers removeable or just the orange sections? Are both sides of the box the same depth?

  • I've been looking for something like this! Perfect to grab the parts out of the case and it's not too deep to grab components with my fingers.

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Double-sided storage

Great way to organize your small electrical/mechanical components. Dividers fit tightly to lid when closed to prevent shifting of stock during transit. Latches snap securely into place as well.

nice case

Pockets are small, but great for lots of small parts. Cover works well, and even small parts dont jump the dividers when you move the case around.