Breadboard to JST-GHR-04V Cable - 4-Pin x 1.25mm Pitch

This is a handy cable for connecting a four pin GHR-04V type locking connector to breadboard friendly male pins. These cables are already included with the RTK Surveyor product line, but the GHR connector is common and may also be seen on other products and sensors.


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  • Doctor Who / about 3 years ago / 1

    Oddly enough that cable is perfect for being used a JTAG cable for, well, walking through the chain of circumstances that the process resembles. I have another cable with the same kind of connector (female at one end and male on the other) for using it.

    Are there plans for offering these connectors, that the leads were crimped into, being offered for sale here? (Of course a tool for crimping the pins should be offered as well.)

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