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Every edition of Elektor magazine is loaded with up-to-date news and views, real-world lab tests and high quality DIY construction projects. You can rely on Elektor for solutions and insights to all your electronics challenges. Elektor breaks the constraints of a magazine. It's a community of active e-engineers – from novices to professionals – eager to learn, make, design and share surprising electronics.

You’ve already noticed something special about this issue of Elektor Magazine. That’s right: SparkFun Electronics have guest edited the March/April 2021 Elektor magazine edition! We’re very excited to share more about SparkFun through interviews, projects, and articles with the Elektor community. We have truly enjoyed working with the Elektor team to produce this publication. Recently, SparkFun Electronics hit its 18 year anniversary. It’s been quite a journey, and one we’re excited to share with the Elektor community in this issue.

Inside this issue, you will find a reflection on where SparkFun has been, and where we’re headed. Take a deep dive into what makes SparkFun, through interviews with both of us, as well as hearing from our engineers about their workspaces and must-have tools. Our team shares some of their favorite projects from over the years, as well as their latest projects — like Rob’s Quadruped Dog. Explore our Artemis, Qwiic, and MicroMod lines and learn how we’re still working to support rapid prototyping, product development, and hobbyist electronics.

SparkFun Electronics is so excited about collaborating with Elektor, and we hope that you enjoy the end result. Happy hacking!

Note: This is the French version of the March/April 2021 Elektor Magazine edition. This is purchase is just for this edition of the magazine and is not a subscription. If you would prefer a different language of this magazine, we also offer it in English, Dutch, and German.

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