Bitrunner V2 - Deluxe

BitRunner allows Carbide Motion to control power to your router without the need for you to reach for the power switch each time a program ends or each time a tool change is required.

This new version of BitRunner includes a new lockout pendant so you can manually disable the router during bit changes for additional safety.

Standard vs. Deluxe:

BitRunner Deluxe includes an internal AC filter to better keep electrical noise from leaving the router and entering the AC power lines in your shop. If you've got funky AC wiring in your shop, or you've seen EMI-related disconnects, then we recommend BitRunner Deluxe.


BitRunner is compatible with all Shapeoko Pro and Shapeoko 4 machines.

If you have Shapeoko 3 with a V2.3 board and below (Shapeoko 3 machines purchased before Black Friday 2019), you will need to buy the Carbide Motion PCB with an enclosure directly from Carbide3D, which includes a new circuit board with the BitRunner connector installed.

  • BitRunner
  • Remote lockout pendant
  • Pendant cable (4.2 meters / 13.7 feet)
  • Grounding cable (2.6 meters / 8.5 feet)
  • Carbide Motion logic cable (2.6 meters / 8.5 feet)


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