Sipeed Tang Primer 25K

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The Sipeed Tang Primer 25K is a small core board (23x18mm) designed based on a GW5A-LV25MG121 FPGA and accompanied by a 25K Dock base board that exposes all pins (excluding MIPI high-speed pins).

The ultra-small core board size can be applied in any volume-restricted scenarios. The simple base board can connect a USB joystick, plug in a 40Pin SDRAM module, use three PMOD interfaces to connect to an HDMI display, or plug in a PS2 joystick to form a typical RetroGame console configuration. It can also be paired with the series of PMOD modules produced by Sipeed, for use in FPGA university teaching.

The base board has both a USB A (Host, USB1.1) and USB C connector as well as a high-speed debugger.

  • Sipeed Tang Primer 25K Module
  • Baseboard
  • USB A to C Cable
  • FPGA: GW5A-LV25MG121
    • Logic Unit (LUT4) - 23040
    • Register (FF) - 23040
    • Distributed Static Random Access Memory S-SRAM (bits) - 180K
    • Block Static Random Access Memory B-SRAM (bits) - 1008K
    • Number of Block Static Random Access Memory B-SRAM - 56
    • Multiplier (18x18 Multiplier) - 28
    • Phase-Locked Loop (PLLs) - 6
    • Total I/O Bank - 8
  • Flash: 64Mbits NOR Flash
  • Overall Packaging: 2x60P BTB Core Board
  • General I/O - 75
  • MIPI I/O - 4 Lane Data

Board Specs:

  • Debugger: Onboard high-speed debugger, supports JTAG+UART, uses USB-C port for programming
  • USB-A Port: One, can be used as a USB1.1 Host to connect game controllers and other HID devices
  • I/O Pins: One 2x20Pin 2.54 pin, Can support SDRAM module
  • PMOD Ports: 3
  • Buttons: 2
  • Dimensions: 64x40mm


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