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Description: This is a simple two wire cable. Great for jumping from board to board. 2-pin JST connector on one end, bare cable on the opposite end.

Dimensions: 130mm length


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  • Would it be possible to use this to connect a battery to a female usb port?

  • The connector on mine seems to fit EXTREMELY tightly in actual PH headers bought from JST (not just clones.) Like, you need to use pliers to get it out. Has this happened to anyone else?

    • Answered my own question. From this sparkfun tutorial:

      If you’ve ever tried to pull a JST connector from a JST socket you’ll find it’s incredibly difficult. This is because JST connectors were designed to be used deep inside electronics where a battery or component may need to be changed only once or twice within the lifetime of the product. A very strong, firm connection was more important than ease of removal. We use JST connectors specifically because they have such great holding and are so compact!

  • This doesn’t come with the mating connector.

  • Does anyone know if this JST connector fits on the Li-Po Battery charger/booster that is sold by Sparkfun?

    • It will- this is the 2mm pitch version. works as well; sometimes the untwisted wires are a little more useful, and it comes with a male header, which this one does not.

  • Got some in hand: Mine are 24 AWG stranded with very short pre-striped and tinned ends.
    Has markings (in no particular order):
    XIEHE AWM 1007 VW-1 80oC 300V 24AWG XIEHE FT1 LF
    Only on red wire: E251491
    Only on black wire: 5251491
    Some UL data matching my pigtail wires.

  • What type of wire is used in this cable? What gauge, whether stranded or solid, etc. Thanks.

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