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Description: This is a coin cell holder for the common CR2032 type battery. The holder has a neat pop-in, pop-out feature that makes changing the battery easy. The feet of the holder have a small hole that allow it to be sewn without modification.

Documents: Datasheet

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  • These are honestly the nicest coin-cell holders I’ve ever used. I replaced the holder on the back of my 2010 DefCon badge with one of these - pic here. The original had snapped off from the force of removing the battery; these require barely any force to get the battery out.

  • Is this component in the SparkFun EagleCad library? I can’t find it under Battery Holders :-(

  • Holes in these are very small, requiring a fairly small (#12) needle. The eye of these is small and pretty much requires using a needle threader. (find bulk buys on ebay. Batteries can be had on ebay cheap too.)

  • I can’t seem to find this part in the SparkFun eagle library. Can anyone point it out?

  • Can this holder accept 2 cells?

  • Be prepared to drill out the holes on this. They are smaller than the holes on the other elements (LEDS, Switches) that I have tried so far, which means that sewing needles that work for everything else will be too large for this. Also, the two mounting pads are not really sufficient for attaching this to clothes in any exposed way; you’ll need to think about placement and protection from snagging. Works great as far as battery replacement.

  • Is there a version of this holder that would be compatible with the rechargeable Li coin cell on your site (size: CR2450)

    • Possibly, but we can’t find one at the moment. It’s actually kind of difficult to find SMD holders that have the hole in the tab (designed to aid reflow in real life). The CR2450 is also a more unique size making it harder to find.

  • It would be useful to have a LilyPad-type slide switch to go with this. Would also be useful as an input mode switch.

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