Jumper Wires Premium 12" F/F Pack of 100

This is a SparkFun exclusive! These are 12" long, 26 AWG jumper wires terminated as female to female. Use these to jumper from any male header on any board. Multiple jumpers can be connected next to one another on a 0.1" header. Comes in five packs of twenty jumpers (colors shown) for a total of 100 jumpers.

We use these wires for everything! They work great with breadboards, Arduinos, and really any 0.1" pitch prototyping board.

  • 26 AWG


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  • Here's a hint: Use these along with the long male header pins Sparkfun Part Number broken into individual pins and you have a male connection any time you need it!

    To keep the pin in permanently, carefully solder it in. Hold the crimp connector end at the wire strain relief with needle nose pliers (to keep heat from melting the wire insulation in the strain relief). Then heat the crimp connector and just "touch" the spot next to the pliers to just "wet" and "wick in" a tiny bit of solder. Too much will fill in the part that engages the little "lip" in the housing and prevent the connector from locking into the housing.

    You can do without the heat sinking pliers if you are "good at" soldering, use an iron with the correct temperature and use a nice low melting point lead/tin/silver soldering alloy. If you use lead free solder, the heat sink pliers are a must due to the higher melting point.

    Remember, just "wick in" a tiny amount. Too much solder will ruin the crimp connector. I suggest practicing on a few scrap parts first.

    If you need several male ends, do this: snap off the needed length of long male header pins, then slide the crimp connectors onto each pin (the long side). After soldering each one, carefully remove the plastic piece that holds all the pins in a row, insert the pins into the housing, then finally slide the little plastic part back over the pins (install the plastic part with the "larger" holes toward the connector).

    This will help hold the pins in perfect alignment, making it easier to plug a large connector assembly into the board.

    The resulting male pins will be a bit too long to insert all the way into a female connector, but I suggest that you do not cut them shorter because the resulting burr on each pin will damage the female connector after repeated use. If you do trim the pins, use a tiny file or a razor blade to clean off the rough burrs on the end of the pins. Be careful with sharp tools!

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