This is a retired product, but fear not as there is a newer, better version available: PRT-12043

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This product has been retired from our catalog and is no longer for sale.

This page is made available for those looking for datasheets and the simply curious. Please refer to the description to see if a replacement part is available.

Replacement: PRT-12043. We have received a new rev of this breadboard from the supplier. Please be aware, the new breadboards will not connect with this older model. This page is for reference only.

Description: This Mini Breadboard is a great way to prototype your small projects! With 170 tie points there's just enough room to build and test simple circuits; They're also great for breaking out DIP package ICs to jumper wires! If you run out of room, no worries, these mini breadboards can be snapped together to form larger stretches of board. It has a peel and stick adhesive backing as well as two mounting holes for M2 screws so you can anchor it down.

Dimensions: 47 x 36.5 x 10mm


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  • Just curious, will there be a buss bar version of this board be sold at some point?

    In case I’m using the wrong adjectives (I do that sometimes): I’m talking about the long power busses that are on larger bread boards. Those are separate pieces on the larger breadboards, so I’m guessing that there would be a buss option for this form factor.

  • Mini breadboards don’t mate with the small breadboard :(

    • Yea, these do have different side dimensions than the small breadboard, so I don’t think you could easily mate them together.

  • What’s an “M2” screw? Can you buy it from SparkFun? I could not find it. Thanks!

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