Breadboard - Mini Self-Adhesive White (Sale)

Replacement:PRT-11658. Our new mini modular breadboards snap together so you can add more prototyping space in a snap! This page is for reference only.

This is a very small breadboard with 170 tie points. This bread board is compatible with the Arduino Proto Shield shown below. Strong, self-adhesive backing. Measures 1.8"x1.4"

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  • Snortimer / about 12 years ago / 1

    I bought one of the red ones of these when I needed a little prototyping space for my first robot (which is red). It's a good size, and has plenty of room for what I needed (admittedly not much, but I only used about a fourth of the space on this). I like the size, as it fits quite easily anywhere on my build, while still allowing temporary connections before switching to a PCB.

    With no dedicated power buses (typical on something this size), you just use a couple rows for that.

    I second the request for a screw hole or two in the center, as that would be nicer than having to stick it to your project. Of course, as the idea behind a breadboard is that it isn't your permanent installation, maybe this doesn't really matter.

  • Deleted / about 12 years ago / 1

    This breadboard is AWESOME! I could build a clone arduino on it!

  • / about 14 years ago / 1

    did it come with a power supply???????????

  • czarvargo / about 15 years ago / 1

    While they do have a sticky pad on them, it would be cool to have a couple of countersunk screw holes in the center groove.

  • Quazar / about 16 years ago / 1

    Has anybody peeled off the backing on one of these and tried to solder to the conductor clips? I'd like to use some of these on a prototyping area of a larger board, but I'd like to have a few contacts wired to specific functions (power, SPI, GPIO, etc).
    I've done this on some larger breadboards, and it works OK if you solder really quickly. I'm just curious if the metal is amenable to being soldered, and if the plastic will tolerate even a few seconds of such temperatures.
    - Dean

    • SomeGuy123 / about 14 years ago * / 1

      I've soldered to the backs of these. The backing comes off easily.

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