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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (2002) - Southern Nazarene University - Bethany, OK


Cycling; Mountain Biking; Snowboarding; Hiking; Climbing; Music; Fresh Coffee; Microbreweries; and Long Walks on the Beach




I subscribe to The Economist. Does that count?

Manufacturing Day 2013

Last Friday (October 4) was Manufacturing Day. What is Manufacturing Day, you ask? It’s a day devoted to addressing common misperceptions about manufacturing, by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is — and what it…

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Welcoming Our New Robot Friends :: Part II

If you read last week’s post about our new pick-and-place machine, you likely, at some point, said to yourself, “SparkFun’s new pick-and-place machine sure doesn’t look or sound like a bootstrapped solution.” And that would be a fair assessment. But where we ventured into a more stable…

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Welcoming Our New Robot Friends :: Part I

Hey and welcome back, everyone! First thing’s first: CAPTION CONTEST. You’ve been waiting so patiently, and the results are in! Congratulations Hardware.Panda, you’re the winner of the “Hacker on the Go” wishlist! Let the wave of glory wash over you like a lead-free…

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SparkFun Production: A Brief History

When I first joined SparkFun I was but a wee lad. Okay, I was 26 years old and 6 foot 3 inches tall...so not very wee or laddish. However, it does seem like a generation ago. But I digress. In those early days, in the early autumn of 2006 to be more precise, SparkFun itself was much smaller in scope…

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Viking Funeral Recap

Earlier this month, at dusk on a Wednesday, a small crowd gathered near the pond to the east of SparkFun HQ. They were there to celebrate the symbolic death of 5 SparkFun designed boards that had historically given the assembly team fits. Months before, the various members of the Production…

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Leftovers From A Very Fulfilling Feast

This past weekend Test Guru Pete (of Pogo Bed fame) and I had the opportunity to participate in the Feast on Good Conference, held at The Times Center in NYC. Wow! So many creative, brilliant people in one place all excited about creating positive social change in their own unique ways. SparkFun was…

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SparkFun Joins a Feast on Good

While at Maker Faire NY, SparkFun was approached by one of the coordinators of the Feast on Good Conference. She was interested in what it is SparkFun does and invited us to return to NYC several weeks later to join in their annual collaboration and ongoing conversation on social change via…

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  • News - RedBot Class! | about 2 months ago

    @scharkalvin – the class already has all of the materials for the class being taught on the 15th. the kit that was linked to in the post is currently going through a small revision with the new version expected to be available the middle of next week. if you are interested in grabbing the kit in advance of this class, stay tuned for the new version of the kit to hit the store next week!

  • Product SEN-12617 | about 3 months ago

    We looked into it and your order was printed out this morning by our order pickers. It should be shipping out today or tomorrow, at the very latest. Congrats on being one of the lucky few to get one from the first batch of these wheel encoder boards!

  • Product SEN-12617 | about 3 months ago

    We’ll have more built up and restocked today. But they are likely to sell out very quickly. If you need one of these soon, I recommend placing a backorder. Once today’s batch is built up, production of more will be on hold until we receive a fresh round of PCBs from our PCB fabricator.

  • News - Product Assembly at Spark… | about a year ago

    We tried that once. Years ago we leased a refurbished labware washer but could never get the results we wanted with it. It’s hard to say which feature in the new washer made the most difference, but I tend to point to the built-in cleanliness monitoring system of the Aqueous unit that measures the resistivity level of the water in the wash chamber and keeps the wash cycle going until the desired level has been reached. We’re also a big fan of the integrated board drying system that allows us to move clean boards directly into our AOI machine after being washed. :)

  • News - Product Assembly at Spark… | about a year ago

    Ha! I’ll get the video updated with our production process notes later today…

  • News - Product Assembly at Spark… | about a year ago

    We’ve been running ours for over a year now. Like all machines and the software that runs them, it took some time to learn its quirks. Let us know if you ever have any questions about any specific detail…

  • News - Product Assembly at Spark… | about a year ago

    Aqueous Technologies

  • News - Product Assembly at Spark… | about a year ago

    I thought it was too when they first showed me the video. But it’s actually just a laminated construction paper cutout…

  • News - Product Assembly at Spark… | about a year ago

    We run two Manncorp MC38x’s and a MYDATA MY100LXe. We’re also very happy with this lineup!

  • News - Product Assembly at Spark… | about a year ago

    Yep…the BX model. :)

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