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Celebrating the 5 millionth SparkFun widget!

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Last Friday was Manufacturing Day -- we love our Production team so we joined in the celebration!

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The second installment of a somewhat long story about the recent additions to our growing family of manufacturing equipment.

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A story about the recent additions to our growing family of manufacturing equipment.

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Visiting the past, present, and future of SparkFun Production.

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Check out the details from the SparkFun Viking Funeral.

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A recap of The Feast: an inspiring, collaborative weekend in NYC with over 400 creative and genuinely good people.

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The Feast on Good Conference in NYC is this weekend and SparkFun has been asked to join in on the discussion of social innovation and also teach a workshop.

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  • We had 3 weeks worth of these built and available as of Friday morning. But, unfortunately, 2 orders were placed that day that wiped us out of that one board. And we did not have enough time after those two orders were placed to get more built up for today. Heading into Friday we felt good about the quantity of those we had ready to go. But those two orders prove how tough it can be to manage the long tail.

  • We have quite a large variety of header pins that we are selling these days, across both individual unit SKUs and included in kits. And it would take a bit to determine how many total pins we've sold in total. But one fun data point:

    We've shipped out 212,789 of PRT-00116 in our history. So over 8.5 million header pins alone with that single SKU. :)

  • Time to go back to the video replay. I think you'll find that call was made in error. :)

    MaKeys are back in stock!

  • We completely agree. Stay tuned. We have secret stashes of freshly built boards & kits waiting in the wings... :)

    We're also working as fast as possible to restock with "normal" production runs before the Thanksgiving break.

  • We may be in touch. Thanks for sharing your professional insight!

  • In the coming weeks, probably after we've tackled the whole "move to a new facility" thing, I will be writing up a post to update everyone on what improvements we've introduced to our QA/QC systems. Lots of really great ideas are already been considered. Though amidst all of the work happening to correct this big mistake, we likely won't be able to make any of the big wholesale changes until after all early adopter MicroView users are happy with what they've been shipped. Thanks for the feedback. We're glad that our documented mistakes are helping others avoid the same!

  • Our newest inductee into the $40K club is handling this all very well and has been working his tail off the last two days trying to do everything he can to make this right, as quickly as possible, for anyone that received a bootloader-less MicroView. Everyone here at SparkFun has been so supportive. It's really incredible to see how well we all collaborate together to solve problems, especially when the pressure is turned up to 11. There's no doubt that we will come out on the other side of this a better SparkFun with greatly improved processes and an intriguing story to tell.

  • @scharkalvin -- the class already has all of the materials for the class being taught on the 15th. the kit that was linked to in the post is currently going through a small revision with the new version expected to be available the middle of next week. if you are interested in grabbing the kit in advance of this class, stay tuned for the new version of the kit to hit the store next week!

  • We looked into it and your order was printed out this morning by our order pickers. It should be shipping out today or tomorrow, at the very latest. Congrats on being one of the lucky few to get one from the first batch of these wheel encoder boards!

  • We'll have more built up and restocked today. But they are likely to sell out very quickly. If you need one of these soon, I recommend placing a backorder. Once today's batch is built up, production of more will be on hold until we receive a fresh round of PCBs from our PCB fabricator.