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Does It Matter Which Browser You Use?

Web browsers are similar enough to each other that it doesn’t matter which one you use. Or does it? Some browsers don’t display some software applications. Some browser features are hard to live without. The majority of people here at SparkFun express a preference for one browser or another and…

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SparkFun Customer Survey Results

At SparkFun, we see ourselves as more than just an online electronics retailer - we’re a community of hobbyists, engineers, programmers, creatives, nerds, tinkerers, and teachers. Our culture grew from the concept that all ideas are created equal - and are better off shared. We are expected to…

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  • News - Does It Matter Which Brow… | about 5 months ago

    Karl, OMG! Funny - you are right about the magnifying glass! My bad, I used Snagit to grab and size the photo. Here is the original image from Juan

  • News - Does It Matter Which Brow… | about 5 months ago

    Great catch Spec. Trevor here at SparkFun just let me know as well…I am going to fix in the text now. Thank you.

  • News - Does It Matter Which Brow… | about 5 months ago

    ChrisBob, Okay, last 90 days, those using Safari: Desktop/Mac 47%; Mobile/iOS 53%. As for Apple visits, last 90 days: 64% Mac; 36% Mobile (of that: 56% iPad, 42% iPhone, and 2% iPod (!?). Thanks!

  • News - Does It Matter Which Brow… | about 5 months ago

    Erubus9856, I also keep multiple browsers open (all day long). That way I don’t have to open incognito tabs. And to answer your question - yes, the conversion rate is based on the number of visits that resulted in an order. I will check on whether different browsers give significantly different order amounts on average…

    Just realized I probably should not have included Cyber Monday when I looked at this info because Monday was a crazy day for shopping here. At any rate, turns out you are right. Big differences in average order value depending on browser used. Very roughly: Chrome 150% more than the average for all browsers; I.E. about normal or 100% of average; Firefox 65% of average; Safari 50% of average. Thanks for the tip.

  • News - MIT's David Sengeh visits… | last year

    What a great story and a heart-warming video - thank you.

  • News - SparkFun Customer Survey … | last year

    This is a fun idea - sort of like a tear down - content may end up including anything from common mistakes to breakthrough discoveries. Will pass this along. Thanks.

  • News - SparkFun Customer Survey … | last year

    I like these ideas because it seems there are plenty of sites out there already where “innovative ideas” can be heard. Thanks!

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