Everything you need to design for manufacture, all in one place.

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The dropping cost of LED bulbs is accelerating. We compare a few brands to see how they are approaching design and lower cost manufacturing.

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We've partnered with 14-year-old whiz kid Quin Etnyre to bring his first Kickstarter to life!

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In honor of Manufacturing Day 2014 (Friday, October 3rd) - We take a look at how SparkFun puts a dozen or so new products on the website each week.

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Few funding campaigns pull heartstrings while actually doing measurable good. Jerry, impressively, is doing both.

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Build your own Vacuum Molding machine and start making plastic parts in your home shop!

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In high school in the 70’s, we had teletypes with acoustic modems that connected to a minicomputer shared by all high schools in the city.…
Actually, it has to do with encoding. Up to 2400bps the baud rate and bit rate were equal. After that, you got increases by encoding…
There is also the limitation of how fast the RS232 interface can operate. While this depends on the length of the cable, 115300 is pushing…
Sounds like your wiring is good. You have copper pads soldered to the following pins: 33, 32, 25, 17, 16, 15, 1, 0? Try just reading in one…
I’m having flashbacks to the days of running a 300bps modem on my Commodore 64. My modem, which plugged into a slot on the back of the C64,…
You’re correct. Sorry it wasn’t clear! Once 300 became the standard multiple, 9600bps ended up being a sweet spot of processing power and…
You don’t explicitly draw the connection, but I assume 9600 was chosen because it’s 32 * 300? Likewise, 38400 = 300 * 128, and 57600 = 300 *…
I’ve just finished wiring this up but I’m not getting any audio out of it. I tested the audio board with a guitar example and that worked.…
It might have been a good time to check the aged electrolytic capacitors in the Marantz. They can lose capacity over time, compromising peak…
In the mid-70’s, an audio seminar by the late Dr. Richard Greiner compared the schematics of the Phase-Linear 400 Watt amplifier to the…

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