Let's talk the whats, whys and hows of how you end up with a red box at the end of the day.

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A tour of our humble R&D abode and some of the projects we've been cooking.

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We use 0603 SMD packages but the electronics world uses much smaller sized components.

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Everything you need to design for manufacture, all in one place.

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The dropping cost of LED bulbs is accelerating. We compare a few brands to see how they are approaching design and lower cost manufacturing.

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We've partnered with 14-year-old whiz kid Quin Etnyre to bring his first Kickstarter to life!

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In honor of Manufacturing Day 2014 (Friday, October 3rd) - We take a look at how SparkFun puts a dozen or so new products on the website each week.

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Few funding campaigns pull heartstrings while actually doing measurable good. Jerry, impressively, is doing both.

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Build your own Vacuum Molding machine and start making plastic parts in your home shop!

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Cool! if you have any sample code, I’d love to tinker with it!
Yeah, I made my Enderman costume with rectangular LED panels and coin cell batteries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcrxgFwA3gI The purple…
There is an easy way to do programmatically simple “encryption” that’s uncrackable: A [one-time pad, or…
Adults love Minecraft too. <3 I love how this project can be extended to include the LilyPad MP3 trigger to play the Enderman “death” and…
You could also do this in a much simpler (& cheaper) fashion using 2 purple LEDs, some wire and solder (along with the battery, resistors,…
Cool! I wrote an enigma machine for the AVR back probably 2007 or so. I had just finished a print cartridge system for a client that used…
Yeah, If it isn’t clear from the post, this is a teaching tool. Don’t use it for anything you can’t afford to have hacked.
yep. This algorithm discloses one “secret” value at a time for anyone listening to the exchange. Equivalent to just sending one value of the…
I use a automotive spray body filler on PLA and then lightly sand them with a 600 grit wet sand paper. The printed parts look like they were…
You should add a big disclaimer to this article to not even think of using this algorithm for actual security. While it’s a nice…

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