At SparkFun, we believe our responsibility extends beyond our products. That's why we do our best to pay it forward with our community partner program and education department, and pay it back through our dedicated sustainability efforts.


Learn more about SparkFun’s Department of Education, which provides training, online resources, professional development and custom materials to K-12 and higher ed schools nationwide, including the top 25 engineering universities in the US.

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Minimizing environmental impact is essential to SparkFun’s business. By recycling industrial waste, composting, donating materials to local educators and harnessing solar power, we're getting greener every year.

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Community Partners

SparkFun’s Community Partnership Program (CPP) offers resources and materials to makers in our international community. We've funded over 170 projects since the program began, including student hyperloop competition projects, autonomous swarm robots, tornado chasers, and more.

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