SparkFun employs 115 people (& 15 dogs) who handle everything from engineering and product development, to manufacturing and shipping, to marketing and customer support, to education and outreach. We're here to help at every stage of your electronics adventure. Learn more about us.

SparkFun Employees

Nate Seidle — Founder

Nate started SparkFun in his college apartment in 2003, after frying a component for an electrical engineering project and struggling to find an easy way to replace it online. After running SparkFun for 13 years, he re-committed to his engineering roots and now heads , our experimental, rapid-prototyping division.

Glenn Samala — CEO

Glenn joined SparkFun as CEO in 2016, after 20 years in the technology and manufacturing space. Prior to joining SparkFun, Glenn was Senior Director/General Manager of Global Business Development for Arrow Electronics. Some people love a challenge, are always trying something new, and have a tendency to tinker with things until they hum – that's Glenn.