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Description: These micro gearmotors are incredibly tough and feature full metal gears. They have a gear ratio of 30:1 and operate up to 12 volts and have a stall torque of 9 oz-in. and a max speed of 900 RPM. Each micro gearmotor sports a 3mm D-shaft.

Note: The micro gearmotor enclosures are sold separately, you can find them here.


  • Voltage: 6 - 12 Volts
  • Gear Ratio: 30:1
  • Stall Torque: 4/9 oz-in. (6/12V)
  • Speed: 450/900 RPM (6/12V)
  • No Load Current: 40/120 mA (6/12V)
  • Stall Current: 360/1600 mA (6/12V)
  • DC Reversible


  • Motor Size: 26 x 12 x 10mm
  • Shaft Size: 3mm Diameter x 10mm Length
  • Weight: 17g

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  • Please I need 2 of them, but just there is one in stock. When do you will have more of them in stock?

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it is a good gear motor and your sales team is great!! The other 2 motor came broken as well on the top part where you solder the wires to. I like it so I had to rig my wires another way onto it. I want to order a couple more at different RPM speed, but hesitant about the one end. Maybe you have an answer not sure. I also wanted a Rheostat/Pot. to go with this motor for control and your team did a nice job helping, but was the wrong one. Other than that I will continue to use sparkfun and recommend to others no worries, just wish we could get stable connectors on the gear motor box. I had to throw 2 away because it locked up on me as well, and only used for about 10min. Thank you

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve used these in a lot of robotics applications and have really enjoyed using them myself. On a rare occasion I have had some lock up on me too. If you have issues with your parts, please feel free to contact us. We’ll do what we can to help!