Raspberry Pi GPIO Shrouded Header - 2x20

This 2x20 shrouded header has the same number and spacing of pins as a Raspberry Pi so you can easily connect via ribbon cable to the low-level peripherals and get hacking! This through-hole header has 40 0.1"-spaced pins and is keyed for polarity.

Check the related items below for the mating cable!

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Customer Comments

  • It probably should be noted that it does not fit the Raspberry Pi Zero. There are a few components and the SD card cage in the way of the plastic shroud. For this reason, it would be nice if sparkfun carried a plain old 2x20 header.

  • Anyone know where to find an Eagle symbol for this? I know they have 0.1" headers, but I am specifically looking for the shrouded footprint silkscreen.


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