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SparkFun Capacitor Kit

This is a kit that provides you with a basic assortment of capacitors to start or continue your electronics tinkering. No more looking under your desk to see if you can find a spare capacitor you might have dropped a year ago. With this kit you get over 100 of the most popular capacitors. As a bonus they come in a box with a sticker to help you identify which capacitor is which.

This assortment of capacitors makes a great gift for beginner and advanced electronics nerds at any time of year!

  • 10pF capacitors (x10)
  • 22pF capacitors (x10)
  • 100pF capacitors (x10)
  • 1nF capacitors (x10)
  • 10nF capacitors (x10)
  • 100nF capacitors (x25)
  • 1µF capacitors (x10)
  • 10µF capacitors (x10)
  • 100µF capacitors (x10)
  • 1000µF capacitors (x10)

SparkFun Capacitor Kit Product Help and Resources

Capacitor Kit Identification Guide

October 1, 2015

Learn how to identify and use a variety of capacitors using the SparkFun Capacitor Kit.


June 19, 2013

Learn about all things capacitors. How they're made. How they work. How they look. Types of capacitors. Series/parallel capacitors. Capacitor applications.

Proto Pedal Example: Analog Equalizer Project

September 22, 2016

Building a gyrator-based analog equalizer using the Proto Pedal.


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  • What are the tolerances of these capacitors?

    • Hi there, it sounds like you are looking for technical assistance. Please use the link in the banner above, to get started with posting a topic in our forums. Our technical support team will do their best to assist you.

      Otherwise, the voltage rating is listed in the identification guide.

      • Doesn't the manufacturer provide this along with the product? The Identification Guide does not mention tolerances.

        • The identification guide does list the voltage rating for the capacitor, which is technically a tolerance of the capacitor. However, if you reach out to our technical support team with the exact details of what you are looking for, we can try to make an inquiry with the manufacturer.

          That being said, these are cheaper replacement parts... so I expect the tolerance on the capacity to reflect that. Additionally, based on the markings, the manufacturer may not have that information.

  • I wish you'd carry more ceramic caps outside of this kit!!

  • Are pF and nF capacitors tantalum or ceramic? I am looking for tantalum capacitors kit...

    • They make tantalums in pF and nF scales? I thought they were primarily µF scales and up as a smaller size/µF package than aluminum electrolytics? (And having lower ESR, more spectacular failure modes, etc.)

      The pF and nF scales are probably MLCC, also known by some as monolithic ceramics (that's what the pictures look like).

      Ok... I just quickly checked DigiKey and found tantalums in the tens of nF range, the cheapest were $0.31/ea and axial. The picture caps are radial. My (generally uninformed) guess is tantalums in this size are specialty components, not something one would expect in a generic kit such as this.

      • If you are set on tantalum, then you could take your chances with a grab bag. Jameco also has a kit that goes down to 100nF. However this Sparkfun kit is a good general purpose ceramic and electrolytic kit with a nice balance between price, number of components and capacitance range.

  • IMHO, the "Includes" list above should include the voltage ratings. (I did find the info in the Identification Guide, but having it in the "Includes" list would serve to remind the newbies that real caps DO have voltage limitations.)

    Next time I'm $6.95 (or less) from "free shipping", this is a real candidate for getting me there!

  • Awesome! The resistor kit has really come in handy - so much easier than trying to guess what resistors/capacitors you'll need when ordering

    • Three words: "do the math". OK, I suppose that some folks do find it easier to "guess" than to "do the math".

      That being said: If you are one to "do the math", kits like this are great when you don't want to wait for delivery for an "unforeseen" project (and don't want to make the trip and/or pay the price at RS, Fry's Electronics, or other "local" vendors).

  • I was going to ask if the sticker could be included in the box (instead of pasted to the outside of the box as shown in the new product video). This would allow the sticker to be put on the divided bin that the caps would eventually be put into for organization. But, I see you provide the sticker image as a pdf and I have a bunch of label paper sitting under my printer. Thanx.

    • Yep, you have options. Also, each value has its own little baggy so you can just leave them all in the box for those without spare bins. I want to see someone blow it up poster size and place it on the wall!

      • I don't see why even wall sized wouldn't work. I zoomed in 6400% in Adobe Reader and the only elements that looked rasterized are the white speckled weathering, and the digits for the barcode. Everything else appears to be vector (though I suppose the barcode itself could be rasterized, but it wouldn't show). Just need a ream of copy paper and time on a color printer, or a roll of paper and access to time on a large-format printer. I used to have the latter....

        • Hey, if you want "wall sized" identification guides, go check out product 855 over at Adafruit. Just because we're of the "male persuasion" doesn't mean we can't pick up a needle and thread! (OK, I'm assuming you, too, are male.)

          • If you make a wall sized cross stitch of either the resistor chart or a capacitor chart I will personally buy you a capacitor kit! That's a lot of cross stitch!

          • Well, your assumption of my gender is correct. But your assumption that because I'm male I've never needlepointed is wrong. I learned to cross stitch when I was young, and even designed and stitched out my own 4" x 6" sampler to put on my bedroom door. (It was my initials at the top, and the words "Don't" and "Me" with a lady bug between them... Yea, my own "don't bug me" sign.) I guess I was lucky to have grown up in a household that really didn't enforce stereotypical gender rolls. It was my father's computer, stereo, and kitchen, and my mothers sewing machine, lawn mower, and chain saw.

            • Glad to hear that you've done cross stitch. FWIW, my mother was good at sewing, but my father was a LOT better. (He had to be, having learned to be an aircraft mechanic in the days when a lot of the aircraft were still cloth covered.) I really do need to spend more time (literally) tending to my knitting...

              Now we need to do all we can to rid the world of the stereotypes that girls don't do electronics...

              • I wholeheartedly agree with that last statement. Both SparkFun and Adafruit giving air-time to women doing electronics projects (not just electronics, but also all of the other mechanical stuff to deploy said electronics) hopefully helps provide good role models for the young generations.

                Though, SparkFun does have room to work on showing more parity between men and women in their videos... (And the general public needs has way more room to work on their response to these videos. Luckily we don't see much of the "she is cute/gorgeous/f*ckable" responses to videos featuring women on this site. I haven't looked at the YouTube comments for the same videos though...)

                Hmmm... sorry. This thread is getting way off topic... To bring it back to topic... ... Nice sampler kit. I have a fist full of 0.1µF caps, but my latest breadboard needing 0.01µF caps really highlighted an issue with my parts-bin that this kit would go a long way to resolve. Will have to add it to my next order.

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Good products and good service.

I was very pleased with the service and the parts I bought.

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cap kit

I was building a qrp labs 20m kit and was missing a 104 cap, most likely on the floor hiding under a paper dot. so I ordered the cap kit. great service and fast shipping. bookmark the site.

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Just what I need

The Capacitor Kit was just what I needed in capacitors. It had a variety of capacitors, ranging from 10 picofarad to 100 microfarad. The larger capacitors are very good, and seem reliable, for cutting power supply glitches, and the smaller ones in timing circuits.on the 555. They came on time, too, which i was pleased with. Ordering wasn't too difficult, after being found on the SparkFun site. Because of this, I think this is a good buy.

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Product Receipt

Product was received in a timely manor, package well and at a competitive price. Overall a good experience as is usually the case with sparkfun.

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Capacitor tester

Inexpensive, fun to construct, and useful. Works great.

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Working Great

building a power supply. So far the caps seems to get the job done

Todo llegó a tiempo y en perfecto estado.