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Description: There’s a lot of Raspberry Pi information going around lately. Whether it’s Pi A, A+, B, B+, or Pi 2 B, any forum will have thousands of people giving all the answers possible to a problem. Though most methods work for any version, it can be tough to decide which information to choose. The Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit is a great way to gain a solid introduction to the small, credit-card sized computer. With this kit you will be able to get your Raspberry Pi 3 connected through our SparkFun Pi Wedge to a breadboard and, by utilizing the Pi’s 40-pin GPIO, control pushbuttons, LEDs, and a host of user created circuits.

The on-line guides and tutorials we will be providing will contain step by step instructions of how to set up your Raspberry Pi and how to program it in a variety of languages. We have supplied some example code and detailed images on how to get started.

This kit will not require any soldering and is recommended for anyone with a drive to learn more about the Raspberry Pi and its programming. So if you are looking for a new challenge or a way to get in on the RPi craze, check out the Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit!

Note: We are still waiting on the status on how the RPi3 may be export restricted due to certain qualities it possesses. We may just need to verify a small amount of information before processing your order and hopefully nothing beyond that. Please keep this in mind before placing your order.

Get Started with the RPi3 Starter Kit Hookup Guide

Kit Includes:


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Customer Comments

  • No heatsink included? The SoC on the Raspberry Pi 3 runs considerably hotter than on RPi2 boards. I wouldn’t put it in a case without a nice heatsink, and furthermore a heatsink mounted with thermal adhesive and not merely double-sided tape.

    • It does get warmer than the pi 2. There’s some nice thermal images at

      Sitting on a desk doing regular workloads doesn’t get the processor too hot to touch. Of course, you won’t be able to run a server from under the pile of dirty clothes in your closet like you could with the original pi. I would recommend a vertical orientation of this pi for permanent installations.

      I’ll be sure to add a section about cooling to the hookup guide. Thanks for the comment!

  • Please include a heat sink. If that came with this I would buy it.

  • Max80 / last year / 1

    What about the AC plug if shipped in Europe?

    • M-Short / last year / 1

      Right now we only have the one version, the power supply is rated at 240V, so you can use it with an adapter or find a power supply locally. We’re always looking at how our products work and sell internationally but it can get tricky selling different version (and they never actually sell well).

  • Could you explain in a just one or two sentences what is the goal of the FTDI module? On the picture, I see that on one side, it is linked to the Raspberry via the wedge. But, on the other side, I don’t see where the lead goes to. I guess it could be connected to an Arduino, which could blink leds and run motors. Am I correct? In that case, why don’t you connect the Arduino directly to a USB port of the Raspberry? Sorry for that question, but I am a beginner, and this is a … starter kit.

    • M-Short / last year / 2

      Sorry about that, it looks like we missed the link to the hookup guide which was still under construction when this page went up. The FTDI is actually designed to be connected to your computer (desktop, laptop, etc.) to allow you to access the Pi over serial. The usage of a monitor is nice, but finding room for a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and setting that all up can be a pain when all you want to do is quickly modify your code. The Raspberry Pi will allow you to connect over serial using the FTDI board and a terminal window on your main computer. Check out the tutorial listed as it does go over this a bit. Oops, that’s more than one or two sentences…

  • Currently these say they are “Pre-Order” and idea on a release date?

    • M-Short / last year / 1

      These are now in stock and shipping. Took us a while to get the SD cards in.

Customer Reviews

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Great package

I ordered 25, and all arrived well. This is a great kit to start with.

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Glad I got RPi 3 kit

This thing went together easily. I had planned on helping an 11 year old learn programming. Found a keyboard and mouse on ‘pickup day’, and an early HDMI TV stored away. After downloading the software it started right up. I would not have thought to get all the extras if I were to order separately. Ordered Edimax for WiFi, plugged it in and automatically was wired. The kid is already digging into Scratch and exploring, when I turned my back for a minute. Sure the kit cost more, but I saved $20 or more than separately. RECOMMENDED. Will get to the breadboard experiments soon.

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Preloaded OS Does Not Work (UPDATE: Resolved)

I can’t get OS installed from\onto the SD card, after choosing the recommended OS to install it starts and gets about 10% in and fails with ‘Error downloading or extracting tarball’….

Edit 1-8-2017 After an hour or so of pondering and double checking things and retrying like 5 times to get the same error finally the sixth attempt worked. I’m guessing that the initial setup process is attempting to download stuff and that the failure was from an invalid server response. Wondering why it is contacting the internet during the setup process, I just happened to have a network cable plugged in. It’s not mentioned that a connection is needed or used during NOOBS setup.

After getting thru the above I can say I am quite impressed with this little computer. I’m a long time Microsoft developer and this is my first step into the Linux world. I’ve got some more Linux learning I want to get under my belt before continuing on to using the rest of the this kits parts.

Am now into the ‘Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit Hookup Guide’ a bit, I think it would be a nice addition to throw a couple of printed pages in the kit related to getting the OS going and properly updating it.

Hmmm, there shouldn’t be any issues with getting the Pi up and running. I’d recommend contacting our tech support team. They should be able to get this issue resolved for you.

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Excellent product, excellent company

This is not my first Raspberry Pi and probably not my last so I knew what to expect when I ordered this. My youngest son wanted to get into programming the Pi so I figured I would buy him this great kit.

When I got the kit the AC power adapter was not working - I contacted Sparkfun about this and they simply sent out a replacement AC power adapter - no questions asked. It is so refreshing to deal with companies who understand what customer service should be like.

Michael H

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Still a long way to go

I purchased this kit for my Internet of Things class. It’s been challenging but the kit has been very helpful to work with. I’ve only gotten to use the Pi, adaptor, breadboard, wires, and SD card so far. Looking forward to using the rest of the equipment.

Things I’ve accomplished: spamming my classmates ASCII art through Terminal; using Terminal, Sublime Text, Cyberduck, and VNC in junction with each other; and making a servo motor move. Great stuff!

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Great Kit to get started with Raspberry Pi

I bought 2 of these kits, the first for my son in University to play with and a second one for myself. The Kit includes a great deal of things to help you get started. I only found 2 drawbacks with the kit. One the resistors supplied are 1/16 Watt which isn’t an issue, but the size of the leads on them is. The leads are so small in diameter that they don’t make a solid electrical connection in the breadboard. My old ¼" ones I already had worked with no issues. The other thing is the switches supplied can’t simply be plugged into the breadboard, maybe you could source some switches that would work directly in a breadboard.

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Great starter kit

It was nice to have everything in one package in order to get started with the Raspberry Pi. My kit also came with an HDMI cable that is not shown, or mentioned here.

Congratulations, you are the big winner of a FREE HDMI cable! (Seriously, this kit doesn’t usually come with an HDMI cable. Enjoy!)

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Good way to get started

50 years ago, literally, I bought my first home computer. It had something like 1k of memory, and most of what you could do was turn lights on and off, and possibly make sounds. I was delighted, and the rest is history. This kit is the modern equivalent, and a refreshing change from the wonderful complexity of modern systems. You can feel like computing is “personal” again.

Really awesome kit

I wanted to try python on a Raspberry Pi. I have not knowledge of Linux. But this kit plus the tutorials showed me exactly what I needed to do.

Been playing with this for around 3 months now. I gotta say, it’s a great kit to get started with. The wedge makes mapping your hardware and code so much simpler. 9.75/10, would recommend or perhaps buy as a gift.

Excellent to get yourself started.

The only downside, why I don’t give 5 stars, is that the breadboard holes aren’t very tight: the LEDs and resistors wobble when inserted, and you have to move them a bit with your finger to close the electrical connection with the breadboard.

Works Great with High School Students

My high school students are using this to run a Scratch to create a digital kiosk for a museum. This kit is awesome and very easy to use.

Great value!

Great product and price especially for one just starting out with the Raspberry Pi. Bought this for a member of my family that has seen some of the projects I have completed and was intrigued by them. Now that he has his own, I am sure he will surpass me with his skills rapidly seeing how he is 13 and I am…well his uncle and I’ll leave it at that.

Great basis for electronics prototyping

This kit is a great platform for electronics with the RPi. The Wedge, breadboard and colored jumpers are perfectly suited for prototyping. Getting the RPi set up with the supplied microSD card was very straightforward. For interfacing with 5V circuits, a useful companion to this kit is the Logic Level Converter (BOB-12009), as the RPi uses 3.3V I/O.

Awesome Package

Everything works as advertised and the starter kit provided everything I needed to get up and running quickly. Will plan to buy more rpi gear from SparkFun!

Very nice kit

This is a very nice kit to get started with Raspberry Pi. The supporting information was also very helpful.

Excellent introduction to RasPi 3

I was able to program it almost immediately, except for the failed SD card. That was something I had never seen before, as the card that came with the kit literally smoked. But, the tech support was excellent, and I was up and running within a week.

My first Pi and could not be more pleased. Came with a lot of parts to really let me play and learn the world of Pi.

Great kit

Had everything I needed to get started.

Great way to start

My daughter wanted to use a Raspberry Pi for her science experiment and this set is really perfect (in fact, more) than what we needed. That gives us lots to explore after the experiment is done.

We did have a problem with the case… we put the MicroSD card in first, and then setting the Pi in the case snapped the card! We did that twice before we figured it out. I’d put it in the case reviews but I don’t have permission (since I bought this kit). The case is nice, though, and lets you have access to all the ports, just make sure you take the card out, put the Pi in the case, and re-insert the card before you use it.

Incredibly awesome!

I have experimented with many Arduino models, including the Yun, and Spark. This model of Raspberry PI far surpasses anything I have had the pleasure to experiment with. Now I’m experimenting with using Apple’s Swift in a Docker container running on a Raspberry PI 3, which is approaching the Holy Grail of embedded system development.

Love it

Great way to ramp up to speed on the raspberry pi

Lots of Good Stuff

The board came up and ran, right out of the box. I got leds to work on the first try. My only complaint is that the wedge is short a few pins, and the kit should include a schematic of the wedge. Once I got that, my hook-up problems were gone. My project is proceeding on track. Great product.

It´s a great product

This is a good producto to star with the IoT concept

An excellently put together kit

This kit is well organized and well stocked, allowing you to get the RasPi up and running in no time at all. In only an hour, I went from opening the box to making some basic breadboard projects controlled by the RasPi. Great product!

Way to roll out a new product

We used the RPI3’s for digital signage. With all the helpful web hints on converting the RPI to kiosk mode and a little javascript we were able to help a senior living facility to update all digital signs in their building instantaneously. Kit was very helpful to let us know what we could use. Scaled down kit of RPI3, SD card, tin and power supply and flexible 3' HDMI cord would have helped once we got everything running.

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