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Description: The SparkFun Tinker Kit (STK) is a great way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the Arduino programming language. The STK is our newest version of the former SparkFun Mini Inventor’s Kit, blended with elements of our educator MESA kit. Each SparkFun Tinker Kit includes everything you need to complete 11 circuits that will teach you how to blink an LED, read sensors, drive servos, and more. You don’t need any previous programming or electronics experience to use this kit.

The online STK Experiment Guide (in the Documents section below) contains step-by-step instructions of how to connect each circuit with the included parts. Full example code is provided and explained, and even includes troubleshooting tips in case something goes wrong.

The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for beginners ages 10 and up. This miniature version of the SIK will help prove that anyone can (and should) play around with cutting-edge electronics in a fun and playful way while not breaking the bank.

Get Started With the STK Experiment Guide!

Circuit Examples:

  • Circuit 1: Blinking an LED
  • Circuit 2: Reading a Potentiometer
  • Circuit 3: Driving an RGB LED
  • Circuit 4: Driving Multiple LEDs
  • Circuit 5: Reading a Button Press
  • Circuit 6: Reading a Photoresistor
  • Circuit 7: Reading a Temperature Sensor
  • Circuit 8: Using a Servo Motor
  • Circuit 9: Driving a Motor with an H-Bridge
  • Circuit 10: Controlling a Motor with Inputs
  • Circuit 11: Reading Serial Data

Kit includes:


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Gateway drug to the arduino world.

First i bought this kit, tinkered for a while. the projects helped me get familiar with arduino, and the basics of programming. after a while it became less and less difficult to complete projects with the provided materials, so i had to come up with new projects to get that same enjoyment… well a few weeks later my workbench is covered in parts, my solder spool is running low, and im dreaming of project ideas.

Its good.

Fun but hard to tell what plugs into what

I had fun but had a hard time telling what plugged into what from the diagram. Even making it larger. Might be a good idea on the temperature on to make sure people know which way is correct. I had it backwards. I still have a blister from a week ago. At the bottom for troubleshooting it does tell you that if it gets hot, pull wires, etc. Too late for me. Still loved getting everything working.

Quite a fun toy.

Had to remove the old file to insert the new one. Then it was a question as to which port which turned out to be 7. These are a lot simpler and more reliable than the wire spring clip boards.

Great introduction to Arduino

Spark fun provided an excellent kit for introductory Addition devices. Their website has lots of tutorials and links to other websites. Great experience!

Excellent for Introducing Kids to Programming

I wanted to introduce my kids to programming and this is perfect and far more effective than anything. Having a physical manifestation of code (e.g. blinking LED, starting engine, pushing buttons) has enough critical mass to make my kids stay glued to it for hours trying all kinds of fun stuff. Worths every cent ! I’ll get one for myself because it is fun for geek dads too :).

Make that best computer thing and here’s why. It gives an introduction to reading code which is what ties everything in computers together. Even the differences with Arduino are interesting problems.

I like to build everything. Susan, age 5

Susan and I build circuits together and she has a lot of fun. Good learning kit for electronics. The blend of hardware and software is great.

Love Tinkering

One of the best projects kits I’ve ever owned. Thorough and it WORKS! I’m into experiment #3 and headed to #4. Cant wait till we get to the motors.

Just getting into this with students and

so far so good! I think these will be the start of many great inventions!

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