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Replacement:DEV-11930. We've released a new starter kit with our own SparkFun RedBoard, go check it out! This page is for reference only.

The Arduino Starter Kit is a great raw parts re-fill for beginners and weathered professionals alike. This version comes with the new Arduino Uno. Also included is a multitude of inputs, outputs, and sensors to get your workbench back up to par. If you're just getting started with Arduino, we recommend the SparkFun Inventor's Kit that comes with a printed manual.

Note: Because Atmel is moving more and more of their production capacity to surface mount ICs, the DIP packaged ATmega328 is becoming more and more difficult to get. To keep up with demand, we now offer the Arduino Uno R3 with an SMD ATmega328. The board is identical to the PTH version of the Uno, but you won't be able to remove the ATmega328 without some hot-air. This change shouldn't affect most users. We have historically seen a very low number of Arduino boards fail, so this should not be an issue. You will get an SMD OR PTH Uno R3. You do not have a choice. We will use whichever we have on hand. As the supply issues go away, we will have more control over this.

**Replaces: **DEV-10174

  • Arduino Uno R3 - Arduino UNO R3 USB board, fully assembled and tested.
  • 6' USB A to B cable - USB provides power for up to 500mA (enough for most projects) and is ample length to connect to your desktop or laptop USB port.
  • Miniature breadboard - Excellent for making circuits and connections off the Arduino. Breadboard may come in various colors.
  • Male to Male jumper wires - These are high quality wires that allow you to connect the female headers on the Arduino to the components and breadboard.
  • Flex Sensor - Originally designed for the Nintendo Power Glove, now you too can measure flex!
  • SoftPot - Measure position along the softpot by looking at the change in resistance. It's like a touch sensitive volume slider.
  • Photocell - A sensor to detect ambient light. Perfect for detecting when a drawer is opened or when night-time approaches.
  • Thermistor - A sensor for detecting ambient temperature and temperature changes.
  • Tri-Color LED - Because everyone loves a blinky. Use this LED to PWM mix any color you need.
  • Basic LEDs - Light emitting diodes make great general indicators.
  • Linear trim pot - Also known as a variable resistor, this is a device commonly used to control volume, contrast, and makes a great general user control input.
  • Buzzer - Make wonderful, brain splitting noises, alarms, and possibly music!
  • 12mm button - Because big buttons are easier to hit.
  • 330 Ohm Resistors - 5 current limiting resistors for LEDs, and strong pull-up resistors.
  • 10k Ohm Resistors - These make excellent pull-ups, pull-downs, and current limiters.

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  • Member #399479 / about 11 years ago / 1

    Is there any info on the Miniature breadboard avaliable? All the guides I find other boards are explained. Think I just blew blinker trying to figure things out. Cant find any schematics or whatnot on it, so im kind of stuck going no where

  • Member #377376 / about 12 years ago * / 1

    I just bought this product (through Amazon). It looks like fun! One problem...I was expecting a "starter kit" to come with some information on "getting started". My bad on that expectation. I see that your "Kit includes" section above does not mention any getting started guide or project cookbook.

    The package I received contained some warranty info, but not even a spec sheet for the Duo R3. I was hoping to have it programmed to make an LED blink today, but I'm at a dead end from the get go here.

    I'll go shopping for a book now. Maybe Amazon has something useful.

    EDIT: My apologies for posting so quickly in frustration. It looks like I have found everything I need at

    • Glad you were able to find the Arduino homepage. This is a great resource, with a lot of information. You may also want to take a look at our SparkFun Inventor's Kit Guide. It lists some great example circuits that you can build with your new starter kit.

      • Member #377376 / about 12 years ago / 1

        Thanks for the reply Tony. Getting started was (almost) easy. I have my blinking LED now and it's not even dark here yet, so I am happy. I'll check out the Inventors Kit Guide too.

  • AJ_M / about 12 years ago / 1

    Hey, I just ordered a few of these for a club I teach, any ideas for some cool projects?

    • Hey, sorry for the delay on answering your comments! Just for future reference, you can always email us at techsupport at sparkfun dot com for suggestions if you need them. There are several different resources for Arduino projects. Try checking out the Arduino home page. The playground and forum there have a lot of example code and wiring diagrams for many different parts and projects. You can also check out our SIK Guide, which lists some example starter circuits for controlling LEDs and interfacing sensors. Also, we are constantly updating our Education site so check that out for new information and projects.

  • AJ_M / about 12 years ago / 1

    Does anyone have a few tutorials for this?

  • victoranpozo / about 12 years ago / 1

    I bought 17 kits and parts I received are not the ones shown here. I think I deserve an explanation!

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