DFRobot ROB0170 NXP CUP Race Car Chassis

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DFRobot ROB0170 NXP CUP Race Car Chassis is a powerful racing platform designed to use either brushed or brushless motors. The ROB0170 Car is constructed with aluminum-alloy material and features a front steering knuckle designed with spring suspension for a stable driving experience. A bumper on the front of the car helps to absorb impact and protect the car from damage. The ROB0170 Race Car Chassis is custom made by DFRobot for the NXP Cup Challenge.

  • GPX RWD Smart Robot Racing Car
  • MG996R Servo
  • 33cm Camera Mount Tube
  • 2x Pixy2Cam Adapter Cables
  • Aluminum-alloy construction
  • Compatible with brushed or brushless motors
  • 4.8V to 7.2V servo operation voltage
  • 33cm camera mount height
  • 6.5cm driver wheel diameter
  • Spring suspension
  • Front bumper
  • Assembled dimensions
    • 30cm x 16cm x 7cm (rectangular base)
    • 30cm x 16cm x 30cm (upper deck)


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