Edimax 2-in-1 Wi-Fi 4 N150 & Bluetooth® 4.2 Nano USB Adapter

The Edimax 2-in-1 Wi-Fi 4 N150 & Bluetooth® 4.2 Nano USB Adapter is a nano-sized USB Wi-Fi adapter with Bluetooth® 4.2 that supports Wi-Fi up to 150Mbps while allowing users to connect to all the latest Bluetooth® devices such as mobile phones, tablets, mice, keyboards, printers and more. Supporting the latest Bluetooth® 4.2 version, this adapter offers ultra-low power consumption with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) while transferring data or connecting devices. And with a tiny nano-size design you can easily plug it in without blocking any surrounding USB ports, for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity at the same time.

  • Interface: USB 2.0 Type A
  • LED Indicator: 1x Dual-Color LED (Link/Act/WPS) for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth
  • Antenna: 1x Internal Antenna (1T1R)
  • Dimensions: 18.9 (L) x 14.9 (W) x 7.1 (H) mm
  • Weight: 3g
  • Standards:
    • 2.4GHz : IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
    • 2.4GHz : Bluetooth® 4.2, 4.0, 2.1
  • Frequency Band: 2.4GHz: 2.4000~2.4835GHz
    • Subject to local regulations.
  • Maximum Data Rate/Speed:
    • 11b : 11Mbps
    • 11g : 54Mbps
    • 11n : 150Mbps
    • Bluetooth® BR/EDR : 3Mbps
    • Bluetooth® LE : 1Mbps
  • Transmit Power: 2.4GHz
    • 11b(11Mbps) : 17dBm±1.5dBm
    • 11g(54Mbps) : 14dBm±1.5dBm
    • 11n(20MHz, MCS7) : 13dBm±1.5dBm
    • 11n(40MHz, MCS7) : 13dBm±1.5dBm
  • Receiver Sensitivity: 2.4GHz
    • 11b(11Mbps) : -82dBm±2dBm
    • 11g(54Mbps) : -68dBm±2dBm
    • 11n(20MHz, MCS7) : -66dBm±2dBm
    • 11n(40MHz, MCS7) : -64dBm±2dBm
  • Security:
    • WPA3-SAE(Personal), WPA2, WPA, WEP and 802.1x
    • Software WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup, driver installation required.)
  • Supported Operating System:
    • Windows 7/8/8.1/10/11 ( Wi-Fi & Bluetooth )
    • Linux kernel 4.4 ~ 5.11 ( Wi-Fi & Bluetooth)
    • Additional version information may be announced on the EDIMAX website.
  • Temperature:
    • Operating: 0~40°C (32~104°F)
    • Storage: -20~65°C (-4~149°F)
  • Humidity:
    • Operating: 10~90% (Non-condensing)
    • Storage: 10~90% (Non-condensing)
  • Certification: BQB, CE, FCC, IC

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