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Description: This is a 33mm round momentary push button similar to the ones you find on arcade games. Simple screw in design. Perfect for mashing.


  • Convex Button
  • 35.75 mm Diameter x 46 mm Height
  • M28 thread
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: 27.3 mm
  • Net weight: 0.015kg
  • Rated for 12V/1A

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Customer Comments

  • okay, my other comment was a little hasty i guess, i received two of these, one with a white nut (as pictured) and one with a black nut. the black nut one seems to be working and not too bad. maybe the white nut one is just a bunk fluke? internals appear to be the same switch. maybe a quality control issue.

  • Is this really rated for 24 AMPS?? Cause that’d be insane…

  • I’ve used over 50 of these buttons and only had an issue with one being way to sensitive. The others were just fine.

  • The leads on these things don’t hold solder for shit. And I don’t know how else I’ll be able to use it. I regret buying this.

  • You get what you pay for. These buttons are awful. I had to dissect them just to get them to work. It took me a while to realize why my robot was behaving unpredictably and it was solely the fault of these buttons. DO NOT BUY.

  • I wish we could get something like this in a color that wasn't
    nausea-inducing; Say… gray, black, red, blue. These colors are
    an obstacle for me, even though they might be just-the-thing

  • What’s the power rating on these? A nice green “launch” button (in contrast to a big red “abort” button would be great, but I need to pass a fair amount of current to the ignitor.

  • These are a lot cheaper than the other similar design (COM-09341) for a reason. I got one of each, and I like the feel of the other kind much better. This one doesn’t have a satisfying click like the other design. If you are looking for an arcade cabinet style switch, go with the more expensive design. However, this one is shorter and more easily mountable. I was able to use this one (as a wall switch for an IR remote-controlled outlet embedded in the wall plate), but I had to cut it in half and glue the switch in place to make it all fit (because the conduit boxes are too small to fit 3 strands of Romex, a large switch, and a relay-board). It isn’t a bad switch, but the other kind is better.

  • For those that aren’t accustomed to measuring…these buttons are huge. Much bigger than your standard radioshack button.

  • this thing is junk, jot got them today and the button is so sensitive, any little bump triggers it.
    there is no way this could be used reliably, any shake of the table, vibrations from music or even a light breeze would make the button go off…
    too bad because i love the arcade look.
    can anyone point me to some that aren’t junk?

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