Soldering Tip - Plug Type - Conical 1/64"

This is a replacement soldering tip for our 30W Soldering Iron. This is a conical type of soldering tip, and is the same version that originally comes with the soldering iron. Replacing the tip is very easy - simple unscrew the shield, slip the replacement tip in, and screw the shield back on.

The overall width of this tip is 1/64".

This tip will only work with the soldering iron listed below.


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  • KM4HPK / about 11 years ago / 1

    What is the OD (outer diameter) of the shank?

    If possible in both Imperial and Metric (for those every where else but the US or the science people like me)


    Dracō (Dr-ah-k-oh)

  • ChuckT2 / about 13 years ago / 1

    I'm confused because the description for the other soldering iron says: 'A 1/32" pointed tip is included.' This page says 1/64". Is it the same version and why does it have a different measurement?

  • Eggman2 / about 13 years ago / 1

    so, this wont work with the 50W sparkfun soldering station?

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