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Description: This is a 5mm PTH fuse clip intended to be used with our Glass Fuses.

Note: These are sold in single units. If you intend to secure a fuse using these clips you’ll need two clips. We recommend ordering two.

Part #: 1A3399-10


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Customer Comments

  • These are great little motor mounts for 6mm pager motors, if your into building little robots and such. They clip right in just like a fuse would.

  • is there a fritzing part for this item? i’m not sure how to place it on a pcb so it will fit the hole…

  • SparkFun Folks.
    1) Which Buss part number is this? There are quite a few on the attached datasheet. (Please add specifying the manufacturer’s part number to your procedure for writing catalog pages, at least when you provide a datasheet that contains more than one part.)
    2) Wouldn’t it make more sense to sell these in pairs? There’s not a lot of uses for a single fuse holder.

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