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Description: This is a simple two wire cable. Great for jumping from board to board or just about anything else. There is a 2-pin JST connector on one end, bare cable on the opposite end. It also comes with the mating connector for the JST.

Dimensions: 6" length


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  • I’m not familiar with these connectors, is it on the side or standing upwards?

  • Does his come with the female AND the male conector???

  • Is there any way to swap in the surface mount connector for the through-hole one included in this pack?

  • compatible with blade mcp-x helicopter to cable your own battery, just take care because red/black wires are inverted for this usage !

    • If you’re careful, you can unpin and reverse the contacts yourself by using a jeweler’s screwdriver or x-acto knife tip to gently lift up the nylon tab holding the crimp pin in the connector and slide the wire+pin out the back. Once both are out, just reinsert them in the order you like and they should click back in.

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