Arduino and Breadboard Holder

Replacement:DEV-11235. The new version of this base plate replaces the clips with screws which allows for more mounting options! This page is for reference only.

You've been waiting on this forever and here it is! This is a simple plastic plate that holds an Arduino (Duemilanove or Uno) and self adhesive clear breadboard. It makes prototyping projects easier and gives you a solid place to hook things up. The Arduino board snaps in and the breadboard can either be stuck in place or just left floating.

It should also work with any board sharing the same footprint as the Arduino.

**Note: **This will not work with the FEZ Domino. It has a header in the way.



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  • A teensy suggestion for a future revision...
    Please, oh please, move the sparkfun logo somewhere else.
    Doesn't matter where, just not where it currently is.
    The thing is, after plugging and unplugging the DC and USB jacks a dozen or so times, you inevitably end up scratching half the logo off, which makes it look more sabi than wabi (
    Perhaps move the whole Arduino slot closer to the bottom and put the logo on top?

    • From an engineering or design point of view, "wabi" may be interpreted as the imperfect quality of any object, due to inevitable limitations in design and construction/manufacture especially with respect to unpredictable or changing usage conditions.

    • +1 for orcinus' idea about moving the board down and putting the logo at the top.

    • You could put a strip of packing tape over the logo. Thats what I do to keep printed logos on other things from wearing off.

    • Not a bad idea. Only then I'd have to buy the new one and I would have no idea what to do with an old scratched Arduino holder, since I couldn't possibly throw it out. Gah! I guess I'll be happy either way.

    • (yes, i'm stupidly anal about things like that)

  • It is nice, but I noticed that I have to be careful when removing a shield or I'll pull the arduino out of the clips. Adding 4 anti-skid feet to the bottom of the holder also made it very nice to work on.
    Maybe an idea for version 2: Bolt on arduino, and a screw on breadboard instead of using the sticky backing.
    Great for small projects or testing, but I think I'm going to build one that has a full size breadboard along the top, then a halfsize breadboard below that on the right, with the arduino to the left of it. Sometimes a halfsize breadboard is just not enough.

  • Any chance of getting one that's flipped around - with the Arduino on the left and the USB/Power ports going off the top? The logo would need to go over to the lower-left as well, of course. That is the way I generally lay things out in front of me when I'm working with an Arduino and a breadboard. It would help keep the cords out of the way (for me, at least).

  • I have the arduino Uno R3 and it doesnt seem like it fits in the arduino space /:

  • Does this version works flawlessly with the Uno R3?

  • Any ETA on the Uno R3 compatible revision?

  • Is the current stock th rev2 model? If so does it address the problem of the moved reset switch on the UNO r3 boards?

    • This is not the revision. The revision does fix the problem with the reset button on the R3 though.

      • When the next revision is available will it list here or as a seperate item? I'd hate to order one -- needing the new model for my r3 UNO -- and get the old one.

  • If your going to use it with the Uno make sure that you bend the tab next to the reset button out of the way. I snapped my arduino uno into this and it snapped my reset button off. After some quick solder it still works but I bent the clip back now.

  • +1 on wanting to know when these will be back in stock. I am sitting on an order since I don't wanna pay shipping twice.

    • They were back in stock for about a day.. Then flew off the shelves before I had a chance to purchase one. Guess I'm gonna have to wait another month...

    • Same here, I have a full cart waiting to go since December 2011, watching other items go back order waiting for this... lets go sparkfun.

      • Sorry for the wait, this product is in revision. This means a whole product development supply reworking. In the meantime, we think this is cool.

        • Thanks for the update, any idea if that is > or < a month out before we get a chance at these again? I like the alternative board holder, but is it esd safe? I didn't see a ground strap on the little tech guy :)

          For those looking Adafruit has something similar (looks like they are back ordered too). I think I will just make some up out of scraps of masonite, won't be as cool, but should work fine.

          • FYI if you are taking proper ESD precautions (or at least using an ESD mat) then you don't have to worry whether your holder is ESD safe or not. Plastic (except the ESD-safe stuff, which costs a lot more than "normal" plastic) is not more or less susceptible to ESD. Also to note: the one being offered here is also made of plastic i.e. just as ESD "unsafe" as the Lego one. :)

          • Well actions speak louder than words, cause these are back in stock!

  • Would it work for the Netduino? Or is there a similar article?

  • any idea when these will be back in stock?

  • Disappointing. Bottom left retention tab interferes with reset button on Uno R3 and I ended up having to break it off to get the board seated. Even with an older board I can't imagine not breaking either it or the holder getting it set in place. Good concept, needs some engineering refinement. Next time I'll just go the DIY route.

  • I just wish they made one for the Mega

  • Another holder arriving with a broken tab, but found a "better" solution to attaching the Arduino. Get a couple of metal standoffs with holes on both ends, and screw one onto each of the two opposing corner posts that have a large nub on the top, then screw the Arduino onto the posts. Plus this will allow the mega to mount to the holder as well.
    The silicone feet are definitely a great idea.

  • Hey, so here's for my input. I think it needs a clear plastic cover, about 4" tall, that can snap on. Like a display case cover. I move my projects every now and again, and things around it, and inevitability disconnect/bend something each time. And who knows, could make for a neat showpiece if you put a hole where the USB and power are!

  • what are the dimensions of this product?

  • I assume this does not fit the FEZ Panda II because of the increased PCB size, am I right?

  • Great product! Used it as a robot base with some omni directional bearings, a twin motor gearbox, and some hot glue. Really durable and easy to install arduino and breadboard.

  • This holder happens to fit exactly into the 1.6 liter and 0.75 liter "Really Useful Box". The 1.6 liter version is available at office depot. See pictures:

  • Not a bad holder, could use some rubber feet, that's my only complaint.

  • does not work with bluetooth arduino. i just wasted $4. would be nice if the standoffs were somehow movable... or something

  • It's pretty good. The only complaint is that, initially, it was way too tight and the board wouldn't go in. I had to bend the top flap back really hard to loosen it. It kind of sits awkwardly, I'd give it about a 80% in terms of fit, but it gets the job done. I wouldn't want my Arduino sitting on dirty counters and tables.

  • Can you confirm that this will work with the Netduino Plus?

    • I can confirm that it does. It's slightly more snug fit than an Arduino Uno, but snaps in fine and stays put well.

  • I just ordered seven of these for a fairly large project. Of the seven, the plastic tabs that hold the Arduino down had arrived broken on four of them. The tabs could afford to be more robust in the next iteration.

  • Mine just arrived. The upper claw was broken. I don't want to waste my time with returning it. Just figure out a better closure.

    • Same here. My upper clip was broken on mine.

    • We've had this problem with a few of them. Contact and they'll take care of you.

      • My problem was there was no guidance on fitting the board (perhaps some text in the recess where the 'duino goes?), I fiddled withount noticing the top clip, eventually trying to twist the board under the bottom/left clip & snapped the top clip.
        I have, however; developed a deviously simple fix. It requires only a paper clip and a bit of contortionism.
        I'll post the link to my instructable when finished.

  • Any plans for an Arduino Mega version?

  • I made the mistake of ordering the mini self-adhesive breadboards with these. Make sure you get the PRT-09567 or a similar 3.29" x 2.15" breadboard.

  • I would like to buy one or two that could old a full Breadboard and arduino :) .. not a mini :(

  • Any word on a new shipment and possible new revision?
    Edit: backorder placed! =)

  • It'd be nice if the logo was under the Arduino. And I wish these were in stock, too. :(

  • Any idea on when these may be in stock? Thanks in advance. Jim.

  • Will you be selling this on ebay at any time soon

  • This board works with the FEZ Panda as well. The board snaps in perfectly - this is brilliant mounting design for the board! Way to go.

  • Is it just me, or are there no "shields" with just a solderless breadboard already connected to the IO and power pins? Seems like that would be the most useful configuration.

  • Note that this holder will not work with the FEZ Domino - the UEXT pins come off the board right where the upper-right retaining clip is. Arduino, Netduino, and (presumably) FEZ Panda fit fine.

  • Is the plastic ESD-safe?

  • Will this work a Pro? It looks like the Pro and the Uno have slightly different hole placement.

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