Jumper Wires Premium 6" M/M Pack of 100

These are 26 AWG jumper wires terminated as male to male. Use these to jumper from any female header on any board, to any other female header. Multiple jumpers can be installed next to one another on a 0.1" header. Comes as 1 package of one hundred jumpers (colors shown).

  • 155mm long
  • 26 AWG


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  • Member #200675 / about 8 years ago / 1

    Can you offer these in just red and black? I've bought many of these bundles over the years and I always run out of the red and black first.

  • NotHans / about 12 years ago / 2

    Can I get a schematic? :)

  • I purchased these a couple months ago and they are nice wires, but I would suggest going with the 12" wires instead. The wires are kind of short and if you are using more than one board you have use the board to extend them. Overall still not a bad buy.

    • Electrumpeter / about 12 years ago / 1

      I agree. You used to have them I think. Furthermore it would be nice to have these in separate colors as well. I mostly use black and red for obvious reasons so I lost most of these as well and I would like to be able to purchase only these colors. I would suggest sell them as 20 red, 20 black and 10 of six other colors.

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Great for breadboarding

These things are perfect for building up a circuit on a breadboard. They may be juts a piece of wire, but the little details are right. I will never go back to using just plain wire again.

Great product

I enjoy doing business with Sparkfun and really enjoy the products and services here! Great job!

puntualidad y buen servicio

These are the best jumpers I've found so far

Work great, even take a lot of bending above the head without disconnecting. The pins can be bent and formed a bit for soldering leads onto things, but are very stiff. My only complaint is they don't offer individual colors as you end up using a lot more red and green than anything else. If you own a breadboard, buy these, lots and lots of these

Why these actually are "premium" ...

They are more flexible and actually contain more copper wire than the cheap ones I've purchased elsewhere. This is especially important if your application needs to pass substantial current (hundreds of mA or more) through the wires. If you strip one of these jumpers you will find seven tinned copper strands. Compare this to some of the cheapo jumpers I've used containing only 3 thin strands of relatively stiff bare copper. Sometimes vendors will use the word "premium" and it doesn't mean anything. These jumpers actually are premium quality AND you get an appropriate assortment/distribution of colors. Other brands I've used give a random assortment and you often receive many of one color (often white or yellow in the batches I've received). My wish would be to have these high quality jumpers in a length that is a bit shorter ... maybe 4 inches.

Good Wires, Fairly Durable

I run a high school robotics program, so we put things like this through the wringer. These last way longer some of the cheaper wires I have bought elsewhere. The end of their useful life comes when the black plastic ends slide off the crimp connectors, leaving the bare crimp exposed. Again, this takes longer to happen with these wires than others I've tried.

I will certainly buy these again when I need more.

My only wish for these is that we could get a few more colors.