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Description: This is our new Hobby Motor now with a 6mm, 10 tooth, gear to make your basic projects a little simpler to manage. It works well for basic things like making a fan or spinning something pretty fast without much resistance.

The motor has an operating voltage range of 1.0 to 3.0V DC and a no load speed of 6600±10% RPM (@1.0V DC, 110mA). More information is available in the spec sheet linked below.


Replaces: ROB-10171

Comments 10 comments

  • What is the pitch of the gear? Is it 32p or 48p?

  • will you be selling gears to mate with this?

  • For those who are wondering, the gear is metric, with a pitch of 0.5mm/tooth. Also, the screw holes are M2.6, but if you’re a fan of stainless fasteners, McMaster-Carr doesn’t carry M2.6 in stainless, so I bought M2.5, and they fit, but they wiggle around a little until you tighten down on them.

    I made a drawing of this part. It is available here.

  • what is the diameter of the body?

  • Is there a motor “mount” that this can sit in? I tried double stick tape, but the torque does not allow it to sit firmly on a flat surface.

  • I find Elecrow have a more powerful one. But it’s a little expensive.

    • Just FYI,

      This type of motor is typically found in RC toys coupled to a cheap plastic gearbox. It basically is going to spin at a ridiculous rate with very little torque. (in this case 6600 RPM). Think: portable fans (those AA powered ones).

      That Elecrow motor has a D shaft, and a metal gearbox coupled to alot more torque from the motor to start with. Higher input torque to high reduction ratio leads to low speed, high torque output (77 RPM, 5000 g-cm). Think: industrial equipment.

      Not saying there’s anything wrong with either motor, but they’re just meant for different uses.

  • Cool, now has protection for wires!!

  • Actually, any information you could give regarding the gear would be great. Not much there :)

  • Any idea how well the gear meshes with Lego gears?

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