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2.4GHz U.FL Antenna - Panel Mount

Duck antennas offer great range in a rugged option for wireless technologies. This 2.4GHz Antenna adds the ability to be directly panel-mounted. It plugs in through a 216mm cable with U.FL connector on the end. The Antenna itself is 105mm long. It works with most 2.4GHz technologies.

  • Omni-directional pattern
  • Flexible main shaft
  • Rugged & weatherized
  • Integral 8.5" (216 mm) RG-174 coax cable or 1.32 mm coax (U.FL)
  • Panel Mount to Pastic or Metal Enclosures
  • Center Frequency: 2.45GHz
  • Bandwidth: 2.35–2.60GHz
  • Wavelength: ½-wave
  • VSWR: ≤ 1.9 typical at center
  • Peak Gain: 1.6dBi
  • Impedance: 50-ohms
  • Oper. Temp. Range: –40°C to +90°C

2.4GHz U.FL Antenna - Panel Mount Product Help and Resources

Three Quick Tips About Using U.FL

December 28, 2018

Quick tips regarding how to connect, protect, and disconnect U.FL connectors.


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