Magnetic Mount SMA - 2m

When experimenting with GPS or RF it can be very handy to have the antenna on the top of your house or car with a clear view of the sky while you stay in doors and warm at your keyboard. This 2m (6.5ft) magnetic mount SMA extension does a great job of connecting your receiver or radio to a distant antenna with as little RF loss as possible.

The cable is the thicker, lower loss, RG58 which is ideal for high power (≥100mW) transmissions.

While the magnetic strength is high, it is not intended for automotive applications as we don't know what size antenna you're mounting. While you're stationary, this mount should be perfect for a Swarm Satellite antenna, allowing you to use the roof of your car as the ground plane.

Note: This product uses SMA connectors. Please see the product photos to make sure your antenna and equipment will be compatible.

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