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Description: Low-profile electrolytic decoupling capacitors 10uF/25V. These capacitors are great transient/surge suppressors and work well as charge pump caps for MAX232 circuits. High quality radial electrolytic capacitors.

If you need a bunch of these, you can get good bulk discounts on Digikey, part # : P975-ND

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Customer Comments

  • At least we know SparkFun isn’t cheap if they are telling you, you can get these cheaper from such and such. that only makes me want to get it from Sparkfun because of the honesty.

    • It’s a shipping vs price tradeoff. Sparkfun charges less than Digikey for shipping, but Digikey charges less per unit, with greater discounts the more you order.

      Right now they even out at about 20 pcs. So if you need less, go with Sparkfun.

    • It should not really be all that surprising, Digikey is a hell of a lot bigger than Sparkfun.

    • If you only want one, I go with sparkfun

  • It’s worth noting that these don’t look like the picture any more. They’re much nicer now :)

    These the the ‘stubby’ type, as seen in the SparkPunk Sound Kit and RedBoard PTH. Much more handy and compact.

  • Do these still work as a regular 10uF capacitor?

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