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Description: Screw Terminals with 3.5mm pitch pins. Comes in 2 or 3 positions and have the really cool feature of slide-locking together to form any size you need (4, 5, up to 20 without problems). Rated up to 125V @ 6A. Terminal can accept 30 to 20AWG wire. 3.5mm/138mil pin pitch will not fit standard 0.1" perf boards but this is the most common pitch screw terminal.


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  • Which orientation on the Eagle part is supposed to have the wires?

    Here, I am assuming the side with the silkscreened circle is the side where the wires come in. Is this correct?

  • Guys, that would be nice if you post EAGLE Library part names with each product posting. :)

  • I found one at Digikey (part number A98334-ND) with a 2.54mm (0.1") pitch.

  • FYI, I found something similar on Mouser: 571-284391-2.

  • Please, make this product cheaper. At least, make a minimum package (like 10 units) for a lower price.

    Thank you,


  • There’s also the CON-WAGO-500 library has W237-102, and others that should work for this.

  • The write-up on the page here says 6 amp, but the datasheet says 10. Which is it, please?

  • How far do you have to space them in Eagle so that they can “lock” and sit flush next to each other on the PCB?

    • Check the Eagle library footprints. You can space them out according to that, and line them up next to each other.

      • Tony, then datasheet only shows the footprint for the 3-pin version and I have the 2-pin. By any chance do you know if the space from the pin to the plastic edge is the same on both versions? That’s the only measurement I need.

        • As I said, check the Eagle footprints in our Eagle library. The 2 and 3 pin versions are both in there and have been tested, so you can use the 2-pin version to lay out your board.

  • IMAGE VERY MISLEADING. (Yes, I am yelling.) Please change the product image! I thought I was getting the lot - nope. One. Little. Terminal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s what I needed, but now I wait another week, plus $10 shipping, to get what I wanted in the first place - four 2-pin terminals. AAAAaaaarrrrrgggggghhhh! #bunchacrap

    • Sorry about the confusion. I’ll see what catalog can do to make the descriptions/images clearer.

  • I ordered 2 of these for my Big Easy Driver and they fit that board quite nicely. I should have taken a chance and ordered 10 of them in my original order. Then I’d have more than enough for all the connections on the Big Easy.

  • I found this part in the library but I can’t figure out which side is the front and which is the back. Can anyone hook me up with this info?

    • I figured it out. The side with the two lines should be facing the edge of the board.

      • anyhow, it’s a straight line of pins, Wouldn’t matter too much if you just flipped the part itself during assembly ;)

  • Hey! Is this product okay for use with the QuadStepper board? It says in the description above that it comes in 2 or 3 positions! Which is it? The Quad requires 2


  • I need the PRT-08084 Terminals.

  • You’re lucky. I just spent two hours trying to add the “SCREWTERMINAL” package to a design before finally seeing these comments here. I’d have never thought to look under “MO2” up above in devices if I hadn’t seen what you guys wrote here.

  • If this part is really on the Eagle library, I can’t find it by searching for screw, terminal, or prt-08084. I believe I have the latest library as of 5/7/09. How do I find it in the library?

    • I think I found it - if you select “M02” (“Header 2”) in the SparkFun library, there are a bunch of parts, one of which is “MO23.5MM”.

      • Wow, that was annoying! I just spent an hour looking for that part. I think you’re right, it’s under M023. Sparkfun should fix that!

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