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Description: This is a 6-pin female header, with extra long legs -- great for stacking Arduino shields.

Pins are spaced by 0.1".

Documents: Datasheet

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  • Out-of-stock red ball
    Silently flipping me off
    Please turn to green, please?
    Arduino shield
    Awaits your six connections
    For more circuitry.
    Ordering on hold
    Credit card is on stand-by
    I’ll buy you some beer…

  • n00b question (but I can’t find it anywhere in the comments)
    Is it necessary to solder these stackable headerpins to the shield I want to connect to my arduino-board or should pinning down my shield with the headerpins work to? (ie do the headerpins guarantee contact with the holes in my shield or not? Having some issues with getting my WiFlyshield to talk to my Arduino. Don’t mind soldering but it’s a bit in contrast with the whole prototyping/plugin-plugout-reconnect idea imho)

  • I want this kind of connector at the end of a ribbon cable. What would I need for this?

  • I don’t know, maybe it’s just me- but I’d like to use these in other projects with other pin counts. What about stackable headers with 10, 20, and 40 pins? They’re a bear to find in DigiKey and Mouser- part numbers given by ladyada are obsolete, etc. Thanks!

  • Will these fit in a breadboard?

    • Yep, but because of the extra long legs, they are going to be wobbly. Getting regular headers would be a better option if you want to use them in a breadboard.

  • Any chance you have 3pin Stackable Headers? (Chris)

    • Sorry no, but you can cut these down with a little work (you’ll sacrifice at least one pin in the process).

  • Is it possible to cut these into smaller pieces?

  • Would it be possible to put two of these side by side on a 12-pin row of male header pins? Or would they not fit?

  • Can anybody please tell me what this part is called in eagle?


  • do these work with the uno?

  • I hope you guys have a whole lot coming in… it seems like I’m not the only one who has some on back order. I’d love to order a whole lot more but I have no idea when I would get them? It seems that other places are out of these as well (ladyada)… how do I buy stock in this product?

  • N8B: The expected arrival date of our next shipment is 5/14
    The next purchase after that is due in by late June

    This date has come and gone and I never saw any stock :( Any word if there will be anymore before late June now?
    Anyone have another source for these? I have several boards now that I need these for.

    • We have no idea and generally do not like ETA’s. It’s on a boat. Somewhere. When it shows up, we will know when we have it. That’s about all we know.

  • any info on when these will be available?

    • The expected arrival date of our next shipment is 5/14
      The next purchase after that is due in by late June

  • Oh, this one is the reason why my order hasn’t been sent… Yeah, estimated time should be notified SOMEwhere.

    • as JLC this is the reason why my order hasn’t been sent, but now there are not shields for Xbees so, I must wait for both.. I hope there will be on stock at the same time… I will not sent two orders, for each one =S

    • I spoke with a super friendly SF rep and she said that they’re getting a shipment of 10k of these puppies in today (the 19th) so our orders should be shipping out this week.

  • It would be super awesome if you guys could post an estimated lead time (even a conservative one) instead of leaving us in limbo indefinitely. I still love you, though.

    • Noted. Our ETAs are getting good enough that we may be able to start pushing them public. But it’s one more thing to ask IT to do… I’ll try bribing them.

      • Ok, so we’re now actually planning on doing this before long. The data’s there, after all. It’s just going to come with some pretty hefty disclaimers as to accuracy/precision…
        (We like bourbon and good Scotch.)

  • Hey Guys ! I have been waiting for these headers for a couple weeks. They keep out of stock for a long time.
    I hope they will be available soon :)

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