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Description: This is a unique board recommended by a SparkFun customer. When playing with microSD, you sometimes need to view what the SPI traffic is doing, whether for hacking or debugging. The microSD Sniffer allows you to hook up an external device, such as a logic analyzer or microcontroller, to view what signals are being passed back and forth. Insert one side into a regular uSD socket and a uSD card into the on-board socket, simple as that.

All necessary pins are broken out to an 8-pin 0.1" pitch header.


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  • would it be legal to reverse engineer the SD bus (the high speed mode, not the sluggish SPI mode) and publish the specifications?

  • Reverse engineering is usually legal. In other words go for it.

  • Should have used a gold finish for boards like this with bare contacts - silver tarnishes too easily.

  • This worked GREAT not just for sniffing but also acting without an SD card as a SD card emulator/man-in-the-middle for nikon hacking and just as a pure SD card reader i can reach for when breadbording!

    also YES it works with a microSD to full SD converter

  • What is the green circuit board thing? Thanks.

  • would this show the communication involved in SD DRM operations? e.g. on symbian and windows phones, how they can encrypt the device so it can’t be read on a PC. I’ve got an SD card from my windows phone that’s currently bricked because no device other than WP7/symbian is capable of reformatting it, and i really don’t want to have to buy a symbian phone just to get my SD card working again =(

    • Have you tried using a program like MiniTool Partition Wizard? It’s free and I’ve used it to reformat cards my PC couldn’t reformat correctly.

    • A little late but for future knowledge, this would show any and all communication going to and from the microSD card.

  • Would there be any issue using this as a makeshift microSD breakout?

  • Is there a microSd to SD adapter, I have to use EyeFi which is in SD form on a device that has only microsd.

    • I’ve been looking to do the same thing - a microSD male to SD female adapter. The only solution I’ve been able to find is to buy this and the Sparkfun SD breakout board and run the wires/headers from the appropriate pins.

      This is actually a better solution to me (except for the cost) because I keep this particular project in a shielded box, and the EyeFi has trouble transmitting through it. Using wires between the two boards allows me to rout the wifi adapter wherever.

      If you already have an SD port, this is probably the cheapest retail WiFi setup for an Arduino (except for adding an Xbee to a Fio or something similar). It’s pretty easy to use too, since the SD library is pretty well made. Even better, I get my Wifi over i2c since my Sd port is on my SmartGPU ( ).

    • do you mean SD to microSD?

  • Can you please clarify the following topic:
    I put the microSD sniffer (from sparkfun) into the microSD
    breakout board (also from sparkfun).
    It looks like pin “CS” from microsd breakout board
    goes to (measurement) pin “CD” on microSD sniffer
    and obviously futher to pin “CS” of microsd card
    put into microsd sniffer (otherwise i think it would not work).
    Could it be that white text “CD” on microSD sniffer should
    be white text “CS” ?
    Perhaps also schematic is wrong:
    “CD/DAT3” shall be “CS/DAT3” ?
    I am no SD/uSD card expert, please clarify.

  • Any chance to get the eagle file for this board? I’ve been looking for the physical layout of a microSD.

  • A lot of the SD stuff is already published.
    However this might be easier to use to ISP program the OpenLog (or other boards with SD interfaces connected to the SPI)

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