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Description: These 10 segment bar graph LEDs have many uses. With a compact footprint, simple hookup, they are easy for prototyping or finished products. Essentially, they are 10 individual yellow LEDs housed together, each with an individual anode and cathode connection.

We also carry these in red, blue, and green.

Note: The pinout on these bar graphs may vary from what is listed on the datasheet. Rotating the device 180 degrees will correct the change making pin 11 the first pin in line. We have contacted our supplier to correct this mistake in the future.


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  • Have I figured correctly, that if I you your 330 ohm bus retwork resistors with these on a 5 volt system, I’ll only draw 8.55 ma thru each LED bar. It’s typical rating is 20ma, so will they be quite dim at only 8.5?

  • More like an ORANGE bar than a YELLOW bar.

    • Sorry for someone telling you why 6 years later, but if you use it at a lower voltage I find it to be more of a yellow color.

    • Proper yellow LEDs seem to be pretty rare these days. I’ve got some old ones (early 90’s) that look yellow. If I order some now, they’re almost all invariably orange - or if I’m particularly unlucky, a lime green. I’m not too surprised that these would be more orange-y than yellow, too.

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Best Use Of LEDs| Many Uses

I find it to be smart to make a bar graph with leds in such way. I jumped right ahead to use it on my bread board but forgot the resistor and burned one of the leds. The yellow colored led looks great! I do recommend that the anode and cathode sides be clearly distinguished.