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I’m from Denver. I’ve been programming and playing with electronics since I was 12. I graduated from CU Boulder with my Electrical Engineering degree in 2007 and interned under another SparkFun engineer for 6 months. Now I design products and projects for SparkFun. I always try to incorporate distinct senses into my big project designs.


Project Manager/Engineer/L'enfant terrible


SparkFun Electronics

Spoken Languages

English, Broken German

Programming Languages

C, C++, PHP, Python, several flavors of Assembly




University of Colorado, Boulder


ARM7, MSP, AVR, Intel 8051


Electronic music, building dangerous robots, traveling, downhill mountain biking


http://www.sparkfun.com http://boulderhackerspace.com/


Some tech blog features, several police blotters

The word "hacker" is often abused in the DIY community. In this post we talk about traditional grey-hat hacking in relation to hardware and DIY electronics.

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Good ways to find unique and affordable enclosures for your projects.

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SparkFun's first attempt at creating an inexpensive, accessible, DIY assistive technology mouse.

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The Ara Modular Smartphone Developers Conference was on April 15-16. We were there. This is what we learned.

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What does it take to get complete biometrics in your garage?

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Hardware Hacking is an art, but there are some common methods to modifying devices that can jump-start any good hacking project.

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Today we have a post from SparkFun Engineer Chris Taylor on "Self Taught Electronics."

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FPGAs are ubiquitous in "traditional" engineering, but still have only a small stake in DIY culture. Here are a couple of projects that are changing that.

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SparkFun Engineer Chris Taylor guides you through developing with the Ino Toolkit.

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We use a 9DoF Stick IMU and gnuplot to read and analyze model rocket data.

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We tore apart a Neato Robotics XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner and did a little reverse engineering.

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Instructions for Joy

A few of the more humorous instruction manuals we've come across lately.

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Antimov Update

Bigger prizes and some rule clarifications for the Antimov Competition coming in October.

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WiFly Shield Hookup Guide

February 4, 2014

How to get the WiFly Shield up and running.

Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Ohm's Law

February 6, 2013

Learn about Ohm's Law, one of the most fundamental equations in all electrical engineering.