Examining the inner workings of an electric chord organ.

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Let's see what makes the latest fitness band tick...

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Nate returned from his China trip with a treasure, so we tore it apart.

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A quick hardware teardown on some key-chain games.

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A few notes on the inner workings of Nest's new smoke detector

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Check out Star Simpson and Scott Torborg's teardown of the Google Glass!

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Check out Nate's SPOT teardown.

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Ever thought about hacking a laser tape measure? Now's your chance!

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We tore apart a Neato Robotics XV-11 robotic vacuum cleaner and did a little reverse engineering.

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ON Semiconductor lets us know that the fake ATmega328s are actually NCP5318 buck regulators for Intel processors.

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We unleash the professionals at Atmel to inspect the insides of our defunct ATmega328s. We found ON Semi written inside. Tim gives us a tour of the Failure Analysis labs at Atmel, Colorado Springs campus.

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A SparkFun customer and a a local dentist investigate the ATMega328 "slugs" - with interesting findings.

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SparkFun gets counterfeit parts, buys nitric acid and a microscope, finds lack of silicon.

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We found a mini Bluetooth dongle and just had to see what was inside.

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This is great! I used to own a chromebook years ago, embedded electronics was one of the main reasons I never used it much, preferring my…
Yes. Thanks! Crouton and ChrUbuntu are both alternative solutions to this – but, if you’re in a school, it’s unlikely that you’re going to…
Thanks @swarren. Fixed the link.
The link in “The folks at codebender just released the codebender …” points at the wrong place; to a page on SF’s website rather than the…
Crouton allows you to run any Linux app natively on the ChromeBook. That way, you don’t have to rely on cloud services, which can be…
Does anyone know what the future (or history) is of the Arduino Zero? Is it (or Atmel) stuck somehow in a contract with Arduino SRL? Seems…
Artsy demos and consumer-friendly soundtrack. Looks like Fridays now cater to the lowest common denominator as oppose to the geek/tinkerer.…
Very shiny indeed! this is also nice for my old Asus netbook with the chrome browser! I think the only limit I see is it doesn’t look like…
I also come from a hardware background and when I began programming state machines the most difficult part was how to actually draw the…
Has anyone tried using Upverter? It appears to work on my chromebook! Maybe that’s the solution for…

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