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time square

by matt pinner

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Product Subtotal Qty
Screw Terminals 3.5mm Pitch (3-Pin)
In stock PRT-08235
11.4 12   
Teensy Audio Board
Retired DEV-12767
89.7 6   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Voltage Regulator - 3.3V
In stock COM-00526
11.7 6   
Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF
In stock COM-08375
1.5 6   
DC Barrel Power Jack/Connector
In stock PRT-00119
7.5 6   
Resistor 330 Ohm 1/6 Watt PTH - 20 pack
Retired COM-11507
0.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
LED - Basic Red 3mm
In stock COM-00533
8.4 24   
2mm 10pin XBee Socket
In stock PRT-08272
12 12   
Female Headers
Out of stock PRT-00115
9 6   
SparkFun XBee Explorer Dongle
In stock WRL-11697
25.95 1   
DIP Switch - 8 Position
In stock COM-08034
9 6   
Flexible Speaker and Amplifier - 7x12cm
Retired COM-12723
167.94 6   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Arduino Stackable Header Kit
Out of stock PRT-10007
1.5 1   
Break Away Headers - Straight
In stock PRT-00116
9 6   
XBee-Pro 900 XSC S3B Wire
Retired WRL-11634
66.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Concave Button - Red
In stock COM-09336
2.5 1   
Concave Button - Green
In stock COM-09341
2.5 1   
Concave Button - Blue
In stock COM-09337
2.5 1   
Concave Button - Yellow
In stock COM-09338
2.5 1   
Concave Button - Black
In stock COM-09339
2.5 1   
Concave Button - White
In stock COM-09340
2.5 1   
Total: 447.49