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Artemis Logo

We shot for the moon to develop the next flagship microprocessor module that can be the mainstay for the next generation of development boards.

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Artemis Features

From prototype to final production.

extremely fast

A Cortex-M4F with BLE 5.0 running up to 96MHz and with as low power as 6uA per MHz (less than 5mW). Time-to-first-blink is less than five minutes.

easy to use

We've carefully designed the module so that implementing Artemis into your design can be done with low-cost 2-layer PCBs and 8mil trace/space. All open-source!

mass-market ready

Made in the USA at SparkFun's Boulder production line, the Artemis module is designed for consumer grade products. The Artemis will grow with you beyond the Uno footprint and Arduino IDE.

Artemis Module Specs

Artemis Module - Engineering Version
Processor Chip Flash RAM MHz GPIO PWM Radio/Antenna
ARM Cortex M4F Apollo 3 1M 384k 48 (96 available) 49 (interrupt capable) 31 channels Built in BLE
ADC Differential ADC UART I2C SPI Interfaces
10 channel* 2 2 6 buses 6 buses PDM I2S & Secure "Smart Card"

* 14-bit precision with up to 2.67 million samples per second effective continuous, multi-slot sampling rate

Artemis Module and Boards

SparkFun Artemis Module - Engineering Version

SparkFun Artemis Module - Engineering Version

BlackBoard Artemis ATP

BlackBoard Artemis ATP

BlackBoard Artemis

BlackBoard Artemis

BlackBoard Artemis Nano

BlackBoard Artemis Nano



We are actively working on getting FCC and compliance certifications for the SparkFun Artemis Module. Once our certifications are complete we will be moving the boards to a RedBoard format with the FCC Certified version of the Artemis on board and the Artemis will get a RF shield. Please be aware that this could happen as soon as a few weeks to a month so this BlackBoard version is for those of you who can't wait and want to start using the SparkFun Artemis as soon as possible!

Artemis Updates:
8.27.2019: EEPROM support added to the Arduino core. Easily store and retrieve calibration data, GPS waypoints, and all sorts of settings you need to store to NVM (non-volatile memory). Enables ability to story 64-bit floats.

Artemis Guides


Designing with the SparkFun Artemis

June 20, 2019

Let's chat about layout and design considerations when using the Artemis module.

Artemis Development with Arduino

June 20, 2019

Get our powerful Artemis based boards (Artemis Nano, BlackBoard Artemis, and BlackBoard Artemis ATP) blinking in less than 5 minutes using the SparkFun Artemis Arduino Core!

Hookup Guide for the BlackBoard Artemis

June 24, 2019

Get started with the BlackBoard Artemis - all the functionality of the SparkFun Artemis module wrapped in the familiar Uno footprint